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Looking Forward: Graduation weekend concerts; Morrissey tries again at Liberty hall


Bobby Bare Jr. will perform at the Replay, 946 Massachusetts St., and CS Luxem will open for him. Entry is $3.

Bobby Bare Jr. will perform at the Replay, 946 Massachusetts St., and CS Luxem will open for him. Entry is $3. by Nadia Imafidon

Bobby Bare Jr. (w/ CS Luxem)

Touring to support his newest album “Undefeated,” singer-songwriter Bobby Bare Jr. is coming to Lawrence today to perform the latest of what he refers to as his break-up album, a collection of 10 songs that serve as “an emotional survival guide.” The son of country musician and hall-of-famer Bobby Bare, Bare Jr. could have followed in that direction and rode the wave of his father’s popularity. Instead he’s crafted his own unique indie roots rock, hard-rock style with daring arrangements and melodic vocals. Fun fact: Shel Silverstein is a close family friend of his; when Bobby was 8, he and his father were both nominated for a Grammy for the song "Daddy What If," which was written by Silverstein. Chris Luxem will open up the night. Thursday at Replay Lounge, 946 Massachusetts St., 10 p.m. $3.

Spring into Summer!!

An annual tradition, the Replay is providing us with the perfect opportunity to move into the summer season with a night full of local acts. Starting at 5 p.m. with hip-hop artist Approach, the venue will be used to its full potential as seven other artists/bands will follow at first on the patio and then switching over to the bar for the last four at 9:30. This is the lineup in order they will perform: Approach, Paper Buffalo, OILS, Drakkar Sauna, Gnarly Davidson, Psychic Heat, The Conquerors and Mouthbreathers. Seeing as it’s graduation weekend, it may be hard to make it out for the full set-up going until close, but there’s always an opportunity to drop in, have a few PBRs and listen to a few of your favorites. Bonus: Taco Zone will be in full swing. Saturday at Replay Lounge, 946 Massachusetts St., 5 p.m.-close. $3.

Against Me!

Against Me! is a punk-rock band formed by Laura Jane Grace in 1997 who came out in 2012 as a transgendered woman (dropping her given name Tom Gabel), beginning the transformation to living as a woman in the middle of her music career. The band released its sixth studio album at the beginning of this year called “Transgender Dysphoria Blues,” on which Grace not-so-politely details her journey as a trans, and in one case, graphically details what she’d like to do to those who have tormented and murdered those who she can openly relate to. It’s safe to say this is one of Against Me! darkest albums. Injected with hormones, it was of some concern that Grace’s voice wouldn't carry the grit her fans have fallen in love with, but tracks on the latest suggest she’s still got it and will throw in a scream more selectively than in the past. Sunday at Granada, 1020 Massachusetts St., 9 p.m., $18.50-20.


Morrissey just released the title track single off “World Peace is None of Your Business,” expected to drop July 15. You can purchase the single on iTunes and watch the spoken-word video for the track, featuring Nancy Sinatra. With these lyrics, “The rich must profit and get richer, and the poor must stay poor / That's what government's for," it seems Moz hasn’t lost any of his bitterness over the years since we last heard from him. It's the former lead singer of the Smiths' first album since 2009’s "Years of Refusal." The alt-rock icon was waiting on the right record deal before making his next move on the music front; he told The Village Voice in 2012, "I'm independent enough without selling CDs out of the back of a van.” He’s also in the midst of writing a novel, prompted by the success of his autobiography, which was published last year. Tuesday at Liberty Hall, 644 Massachusetts St., 8 p.m., $60-$140.


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