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The Sideline Report with Markieff Morris

Jesse Newell

Markieff and Marcus Morris play better when they're on the court together.There, I said it. Though it's something they and KU coach Bill Self won't admit to, I don't think it's something I'm making it up. Honestly, it should be that way. The two have played together so long that ...

Teahan on Jayhawk Musical: 'I thought no one would find out about it'

Jesse Newell

When I posted the YouTube video of the KU basketball and volleyball teams' Jayhawk Musical in Monday's Newell Post blog, I made sure to check the hit count. The High School Musical spoof had just surpassed 500 views on YouTube.Just four days later, the video is approaching 50,000 views (it's ...

The Sideline Report with Brady Morningstar

Jesse Newell

Do yourself a favor sometime and just watch Brady Morningstar defend.Two possessions against Texas A&M, I did that, ignoring everything else as I followed him while he was shadowing Josh Carter around the court.It's amazing, really. It looks effortless.Morningstar fought through screens and mazes of Aggies and somehow always managed ...

The Sideline Report with Quintrell Thomas

Jesse Newell

It's been a bit of a layoff, I know, but back just in time for the holidays is this week's Sideline Report with Quintrell Thomas.[Editor's note: I love that his initials are Q.T. Makes me think of Freezonis.]The Sideline Report with Quintrell ThomasJesse Newell: What’s your favorite Internet site?Quintrell Thomas: ...

The Sideline Report with Jocques Crawford

Jesse Newell

[Kream Keegan][1] has been posted, so be sure to get your picks in this week before 11 a.m. Saturday.Let's go ahead and get right to the latest Sideline Report, this one with running back/kick returner Jocques Crawford.![][2]The Sideline Report with Jocques Crawford**Jesse Newell:** It says in the media guide that ...

The Sideline Report with Chris Harris

Jesse Newell

Dexton Fields is not from the state of Oklahoma, but he might be the Kansas Jayhawk that feels the most like he's been taken back to his past this weekend.![][1]![][2]That's because, lining up across from him in the Oklahoma secondary, will be his elementary-school, junior-high and high-school teammate Lendy Holmes, ...

The Sideline Report with Darrell Stuckey

Jesse Newell

It's easy to look at the Kansas football team through five games and pick apart the negative.The Jayhawks can't run well. Their pass defense hasn't been spectacular. Their special teams have been struggling. And on and on.Sure, that's easy. Here's the truth of the matter, though.KU is 4-1. And that ...

The Sideline Report with Angus Quigley

Jesse Newell

**8:00 p.m.**Some additional audio has been posted from [Mark Mangino,][1] safety [Justin Thornton][2] and wide receiver[ Kerry Meier][1] from their media sessions on Wednesday. There's some interesting stuff in there, including Mangino saying that he isn't too concerned with KU's kick returns and Meier talking about how he only spends ...

The Sideline Report with Dezmon Briscoe

Jesse Newell

**8:30 p.m.**Quick update. Here are the audio links for interviews with [Kansas coach Mark Mangino][1], left tackle [Jeff Spikes][2] and quarterback [Todd Reesing.][3] The first question Mangino answers is about defensive end Caleb Blakesley. Mangino said that Blakesley practiced and looked fine Wednesday (there was some concern Blakesley might not ...

The Sideline Report with Jake Laptad

Jesse Newell

[Kream Keegan][1] is posted for Week 2. Congrats to our Week 1 winner, Donna Kennedy of Clay Center, Neb., who says her strategy is to always pick the Jayhawks to win and Nebraska to lose. I'm guessing that method worked quite well last year.![][2]Let's get right into our Sideline Report ...

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