The Sideline Report with Jake Laptad

Kream Keegan is posted for Week 2. Congrats to our Week 1 winner, Donna Kennedy of Clay Center, Neb., who says her strategy is to always pick the Jayhawks to win and Nebraska to lose. I’m guessing that method worked quite well last year.!Let’s get right into our Sideline Report with KU defensive end Jake Laptad, who leads the Jayhawks in sacks this year with 1 ½ after the first game.KU defensive end Jake Laptad
Online Videos by Veoh.comJesse Newell: I hear you have a lot of nicknames. What are some of them?Jake Laptad: “Microphone.”JN: Microphone? How’d you get that?JL: I used to just be really loud. I would talk too loud or something when I was supposed to be quiet. I guess during movies I talked too loud.JN: Does that still happen? JL: Not really. I try not to talk during movies. I try to watch them now.JN: So now you’re trying to be quiet because everybody told you that you were loud?JL: Yeah, I’m trying to be quiet. I’m trying to work on that.JN: What other nicknames?JL: Lunchbox. I used to carry around a lunchbox in high school. I used to carry it around everywhere. !JN: What kind of lunchbox?JL: I had a blue, just an old lunchbox from, like, third grade that I had.JN: Why’d you bring it around high school?JL: I don’t know. I had to always eat food, and I was just eating food in class. I was trying to put on weight back in high school, so I’d always just carry around a lunchbox with me.JN: What’s your favorite lunchbox treat?JL: (pause) I don’t know. Probably oatmeal cream pies. !JN: Those are good, huh?JL: Yeah, those are really good.JN: Do those pack the weight on?JL: They help pack the weight on, I think (laughs).JN: What other sports did you play beside football?JL: Back in high school, I played basketball up until my junior year.JN: Any good at that?JL: I was decent. I wasn’t really good, but I was pretty good. I dunked in a game, so that was fun.JN: Was that something you practiced for?JL: During practice, you dunk it all the time. But in a game, it was fun. It was cool.JN: What was going through your mind while you were going up for the dunk?JL: I was just going to lay it up, but then, I got so high. I just dunked it.JN: What was the reaction?JL: It was a big reaction, actually. Nobody expected it, and all my teammates were really surprised.JN: Were you the Big Man on Campus for a week, then?JL: (laughs) Kind of. Yeah, I guess so.JN: You play any other sports in your spare time?JL: In my spare time, I’ve gotten a couple of my friends up here to go play Frisbee golf.!JN: Are you any good at that?JL: I used to be really good back in high school when I used to go with my friends all the time, but I’m not as good as I used to be.JN: What do you like most about it?JL: I don’t know. It’s just fun and relaxing, and it’s a good time with your friends.JN: Can you throw it farther than anyone else?JL: I throw farther than all my friends up here, that’s for sure. They don’t really know how to throw it.JN: How about the accuracy? Do you know where you’re throwing it?JL: I’m pretty accurate. Some days I’m on, some days I’m not too good.JN: I saw in the media guide that you like Jared Allen. Why do you like him?JL: I’m still a big Chiefs fan. I went to a couple Chiefs games growing up (Laptad is from Tulsa, Okla.). He just plays really hard. It showed last year when he was the sack leader. He’s a really good player.JN: Do you kind of model your game after him?JL: I try to. I try as much as I can. I’m just trying to go out there and play to the best of my abilities.JN: What happened the day he got traded. What was your reaction?_ Ed. Note – For the record, the weatherman says “69 sacks.” I’m sure you heard the same thing.]_JL: I was pretty bummed out, but we still have Tamba Hali there from Penn State at defensive end. He’s really good, too. I like him, too.JN: Jared Allen would make [a little mark in his hair for every sack that he had. Is that something you’re going to start to do?!JL: Probably not. No. I don’t think so.JN: Is your hair too important to you, then?JL: It’s not too important, but I don’t think that I would do that.JN: Does he do that just because he’s crazy?JL: I don’t know. It’s just the way he is.JN: If you did, you would have 1 ½ marks right now. You know that, right? Wouldn’t that be kind of a fashion statement?JL: (laughs) I guess that would be. width=”70″ height=”100 width=”200″ height=”250 width=”200″ height=”120 width=”300″ height=”240 width=”120″ height=”180