The Sideline Report with Dezmon Briscoe

8:30 p.m.Quick update. Here are the audio links for interviews with Kansas coach Mark Mangino, left tackle Jeff Spikes and quarterback Todd Reesing. The first question Mangino answers is about defensive end Caleb Blakesley. Mangino said that Blakesley practiced and looked fine Wednesday (there was some concern Blakesley might not play because of an injury). We’ll see what happens.If you have time, make sure to check out Spikes’ interview, as he gave some good responses to questions. Spikes has a monster task coming up against South Florida, as his responsibility will be to block future NFL defensive end George Selvie.2:45 p.m.Week 3 of Kream Keegan is up, so don’t forget to make your picks. Last week’s winner was Ray Trowbridge of Overland Park, who not only picked all six games right, but also predicted 439 passing yards for Todd Reesing. Pretty good guess, I’d say.This week’s Sideline Report is with KU wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe. Enjoy.KU wide receiver Dezmon BriscoeJesse Newell: How often, on a daily basis, do you think about the NFL?Dezmon Briscoe: I’d have to say once or twice a day.JN: What do you think about?DB: How it would be a blessing just to go there and play with some of the greats and play with some of the people I’d admired when I grew up.!JN: Do you ever watch Sundays thinking, ‘Hey, I hope some day that’s me?’DB: Yeah, I think about it. I think maybe I’ll be there some day.JN: If some day your name is called during the NFL Draft, what would that be like for you?DB: It would be a big blessing with me going to the NFL. I could help my mom out a lot and thank the Kansas Jayhawks for improving me and getting me on the field and letting me make plays for them. It would be a blessing.JN: What’s the first thing that you’d buy your mom?DB: I’d just give her the money and tell her to buy what she wanted to buy (laughs).JN: What would she buy with it?DB: Probably a new house.JN: How often do you talk on the phone?DB: I don’t really talk much. I text a lot.JN: Are you a good texter, then?DB: I’m a pretty phenomenal texter (laughs).JN: Is that an acquired skill over the years?DB: It takes time and preparation (laughs).JN: So texting and receiving are about the same thing?DB: They’re about the same thing. It’s a different mind-set, but it’s still the same thing.JN: About how many texts do you send per day?DB: Oh, I’d have to say more than 600, 700 texts a day. JN: Six hundred to 700? Is that why you’re giving your mom some money when you get to the NFL?DB: I’ve got unlimited texting, so that’s why.JN: Is it the ladies?DB: I have a girl back home. I text a couple of lady friends, but I’m pretty dedicated to one woman. JN: You’re a good guy. That’s the right answer right there.JN: What’s your favorite ESPN show?DB: SportsCenter.JN: How many times did you watch your last highlight on ESPN?DB: When I got back to the room, I was kind of tired because it was a long game. But I watched it a couple of times.JN: Were you amazed at what you did?DB: Yeah, I was amazed. I didn’t think I had it in me, but fortunately, I did.JN: Did it look better on TV on SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays?DB: It looks a whole lot better when it’s on TV. The Top 10 plays, that’s a big accomplishment.JN: Obviously, I’m never going to do something like that, but take me through your mind. What goes through your mind on a play like that?DB: The first thing that comes through my mind is, “Catch the ball.” So I make sure I catch the ball, and when I catch the ball and secure it, then I think about other things, as far as getting upfield and breaking tackles and doing what I did.JN: Do you think about it like, “OK, I’m going to do a spin move”? Or is it just doing what you do?DB: When I caught the ball, the defender was right there on me, so I just gave him a little inside-out and broke that tackle and went on from there.JN: Were you amazed when you got to the end zone?DB: I was pretty amped. Usually I don’t get (amped) on touchdowns because it’s a minimum expectation for receivers to score touchdowns, but with a run like that, it boosted my confidence a little more.JN: I’ve seen that you like Terrell Owens. Why’s that?!DB: I don’t know. I guess I like his swagger on the field and his build. He’s a massive receiver. He can go deep, he can catch a stop and take it, he can come across the middle and take a lick. That’s what I like about him.JN: You say he has a swagger on the field. Describe your personality on the field. Is it kind of like that?DB: He’s been in the league like, what, 11 years? So his swagger’s a little different than mine. I’m still in college. I just go out on the field focused on my assignments and what I need to do.JN: If you could spend a day with T.O., what would you guys do?DB: Well, he’d probably make me lift weights (smiles). He’d look at me, probably, and want me to get like him. We’d probably lift weights or play basketball or something.JN: Would you beat him in basketball?DB: Nah, I don’t think I’d beat him in basketball. I’m a good basketball player, but I’ve seen him play. He’s got some skills.JN: I saw you’ve played the trumpet and the drums. Tell me about that.!DB: It was something I got forced to do. In the seventh and eighth grade, I got put in band and ended up playing the trumpet. It became a fluent thing. Playing the drums just came naturally.JN: You didn’t want to be in band then?DB: I didn’t want to be in band. I tried to get out of it as much as I could, but they made me stay in.JN: What’s something that would surprise me about you?DB: That I like candy.JN: What kind?DB: Just any fruity candy. I love candy. Not hard candy, but soft candy.JN: Give me an example.DB: Like Scooby-Doo fruit snacks. !JN: Scooby-Doo fruit snacks?DB: They’re my favorite snack. I’ve got about 10 boxes at home.JN: What is so good about them?DB: I don’t know. I think one of my cousins back home put me on Scooby-Doo fruit snacks, and ever since them, I’ve been on them.JN: Do you eat those before the game? Is that kind of like a secret weapon?DB: I haven’t told anybody that, but yeah, I eat them before the game. I don’t think nobody else has seen me with a box of Scooby-Doo fruit snacks, but I eat them before the game.JN: Is that kind of embarrassing when you have to tote those around?DB: I mean, yeah, me being a Big 12 receiver. Look at me. How could I just walk around and get away with eating a big box of Scooby-Doo fruit snacks?

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JN: So the secret you’re not going to tell anybody is that big 48-yard run was because of the Scooby-Doo fruit snacks, right?DB: (laughs) Because of the Scooby-Doo fruit snacks. That’s what it’s from.JN: Besides Scooby-Doo fruit snacks, what else do you do before the game in the locker room to prepare yourself for the game?DB: I like to be around my receivers a lot. I believe that we’re all like brothers out there, so I like to be around them a lot and tell them, ‘Let’s go’ and pick them up and keep their hopes high.JN: Has a movie ever made you cry?DB: Actually when I see certain parts of movies, if like a dog gets killed or something like that – I mean I ain’t going to sit there and cry, but it makes me a little sad inside. One movie : I would have to say, probably, Castaway.JN: Castaway?DB: Yeah, that was a good movie. It’s probably the only movie that’s teared me up. It wasn’t that much, but it was a little bit, though. width=”300″ height=”200 width=”300″ height=”200 width=”300″ height=”100 [10]: ‘’