The Sideline Report with Chris Harris

Dexton Fields is not from the state of Oklahoma, but he might be the Kansas Jayhawk that feels the most like he’s been taken back to his past this weekend.!!That’s because, lining up across from him in the Oklahoma secondary, will be his elementary-school, junior-high and high-school teammate Lendy Holmes, who is the starting free safety for the Sooners.”He may think that he knows how to guard me,” Fields said with a smile Wednesday. “He can’t guard me.”Both players attended South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas, Texas (the same high school as KU basketball player Darrell Arthur).Fields said the two had already started trading jabs at each other.”I just told him I was going to take his draft stock down a little bit,” Fields said with a laugh.Going into the season, Holmes was ranked the 20th-best cornerback in’s 2009 NFL Draft rankings.A few more notes before we get to The Sideline Report.¢ Fields said that he had never returned a punt in a game before last week’s two punt returns against Colorado. He has been practicing with the special teams unit since August.He said, on his first return, he was told to be extra careful.”I heard my coach telling me to fair catch when the ball was in the air, but I said, ‘No, I’m going to take this one.'” Fields said.Good thing. Fields returned his first punt 36 yards, setting up KU’s final touchdown.¢ KU’s kick return struggles have been well-documented, as the unit is last in the nation, averaging just 12.38 yards per return.When asked Thursday whether Marcus Herford would be the kick returner Saturday, Mangino said he hadn’t decided yet.”We’re still working on that as well. We’re still working with it,” Mangino said. “Marcus has returned well all week. Marcus is just a small piece of the puzzle there. There’s other things that were more pressing on that unit that we addressed.”Mangino said a few other players had been working on kickoff returns but declined to mention any names.!On to this week’s Sideline Report with Chris Harris.Chris HarrisJesse Newell: What’s one thing you learned from Aqib Talib?Chris Harris: Oh, shoot. He used to tell me to never give up a post route. That’s what he used to say.JN: Any reason for that?CH: Because a post scores and a corner route doesn’t. (smiles) That’s what he said.JN: Did you learn trash talk from him?CH: Nah. I’m really a laid-back person. He’s going to say anything. That’s how he is.!JN: Was it horrible when you had to try to cover him at receiver?CH: He just got me prepared for other receivers, because he’s that good at receiver.JN: I saw that maybe you might want to be a lawyer. Tell me about that.CH: Oh yeah, that’s the thing I want to do, watching all these judges and stuff like that. I’ve just been interested in stuff like that.!JN: So do you watch shows involving courtroom cases?CH: Oh yeah, just watching Batman – Harvey Dent. After that, that just made me want to do it even more. But I didn’t know that you try to get killed by the civilians and stuff like that.JN: So would you rather be the next Deion Sanders or the next Harvey Dent?CH: Oh shoot. Can I do both? (laughs)JN: You want to do both? Is that manageable, you think?CH: I don’t know. I’d say be the Deion for the first couple years, then in time be the Harvey Dent.JN: Tell me about your recruitment to KU.CH: I guess a lot of schools wanted to wait until after my senior year. I sent coach (Bill) Young my tape, and they offered me pretty much as soon as they got it. Then, I went on my visit and I liked it here, so I came.JN: A lot of teams went after you, but you still felt loyal to KU at that point?CH: Yeah, because they offered me first. I felt like it was not too far away and not too close. It was an upcoming program, and I thought I would like it here.JN: Was that a big thing to you, that KU stuck with you that whole time?CH: It kind of hurt when, like, (Texas) and stuff wouldn’t offer me, but as soon as Kansas did, (the other schools) offered you after that. People start coming after you after Kansas did, so I felt like I was being loyal to them.JN: Give me a funny locker room story.CH: One day, we were all just hanging out in the locker room, and this song comes on, and Rod Harris just starts rapping. Everybody thought that was pretty funny and stuff. JN: Was he good at rapping?CH: Yeah, he’s really good. JN: (Lightning round) What’s the last concert you went to?CH: I went to a Tye Tribett concert. He’s a Christian singer. He’s, like, crazy. He’s pretty good. : I was with (Darrell) Stuckey.JN: What’s the last book you read?CH: Shoot. Probably, uh : shoot. I haven’t read any books (lately). I’ll just say The Bible. The Bible.!JN: Who’s your favorite player in the NFL?CH: I’d have to say Asante Samuel is right now : Aqib Talib. (laughs)JN: Which one is it, then?CH: I’ll go with Aqib. (laughs)!JN: He’s going to beat you up if you don’t say him? Is that it?CH: Yep. I’m going with Aqib. height=”150″ width=”130 height=”150″ width=”112 height=”120″ width=”200 height=”150″ width=”200 height=”150″ width=”200 height=”100″ width=”133 height=”100″ width=”133