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The Sideline Report with James Holt


We're back for another Sideline Report, this one with Kansas senior linebacker James Holt.Here's the transcript from our chat. Thanks to [railer1122][1] for the first question.KU linebacker James HoltJN: Would you say the success from last season has helped some guys on the team with the ladies?_JH: Oh yeah, definitely, for sure (laughs). Now that I think about it, yeah, when we go out, you definitely see a lot more girls around. But still, when the basketball players come around, they still leave us. (laughs)_JN: Is the football team a group that needs all the help it can get with the ladies?_JH: No, I think we do pretty good. With a lot of aggression and testosterone comes a lot of charm from us players. I think we were doing pretty good without the success, but we like the success also._JN: So you're pretty smooth yourself?_JH: I like to think so. You'll probably have to ask around some of these other guys. I think I do pretty well for myself. _JN: Let's say it was KU-LSU in the BCS title game last year. How do you see that game turning out?_JH: Ooh. It'd be a smashmouth (game), but of course I'm going to have to pick us. We were so hyped up. We could have taken out Glenn Dorsey, then they would have been pretty screwed on defense. :_JN: So you would have cheated to win? Is that what you're saying?JH: Nah, nah. I mean, sometimes accidents happen (laughs). No, I think it would have been a hard-fought battle. It could have gone either way, but I would have picked us going out on top by three._JN: Favorite Disney character?_JH: [Tod][2] from Fox and the Hound._JN: Any reason you like him?_JH: I don't know. It's just always been my favorite movie. He's just always quick. It's kind of just a fun movie where they're friends, then they turn into enemies, then they become friends again._JN: So he's quick like you?_JH: Yeah._JN: Favorite song right now?_JH: John Lennon, Imagine._JN: Really? Any reason for that?_JH: Actually, when I was a freshman in high school, I sang that on the piano for a spring pop concert. I've always liked The Beatles, so that was one of my favorite ones._JN: So that's still your favorite song now?_JH: Yeah. It's a pretty good song. I like it._JN: Do you listen to it before games?_JH: Every once in a while. Most of the time I usually put on System of a Down or something. ..._JN: So John Lennon's not angry enough?_JH: No. Definitely not._JN: What was your first impression when you met Coach Mangino?_JH: The first time I met him, I actually was in seventh grade. He was still at OU, and I was just kind of intimidated by him. He was screaming - we were at camp, and we were like, 'What did we get ourselves into?' Turns out, he's a nice guy and very laid-back. But if he has to get onto you, he will._JN: What's the last book you read?_JH: "Arms and Men Military Strategy" for American History._JN: Did you like it?_JH: No (laughs). It was for a class, but I had to read it. It was all right, but it was pretty dry. _JN: What do you feel like your personality is when you step on the field?_JH: I'm kind of laid-back. I don't really go all crazy and scream and stuff. If I start getting really excited, you'll hear me scream out or something, but most of the time, I'm laid-back. I come from a program from high school [(Altus, Okla.)][3] that's like, 'If you make a big play, go back to the huddle. Make another one like you've done it.' I've never been that really hyped player._JN: If you had a superhuman power, what would you take?_JH: X-ray vision._JN: Any reason for that?_JH: No comment (laughs)._JN: If you could have them blare out music on the loudspeakers for you during the game, what song would you have them play to perform your best?_JH: I'd have to say System of a Down, [Chop Suey][4]._JN: Do you understand what they're saying when they talk so fast?_JH: Yeah, I do. I look up the lyrics sometimes if I can't understand so I can figure out what they're singing about. It'd either be them or Rage Against the Machine, definitely._JN: Who's playing you in a movie?_JH: Will Smith, definitely._JN: Is he the best actor for you? Or is he just smooth?_JH: He's just smooth. Definitely smooth like me.Be sure to check back on [KUsports.com][5] for more sideline reports in the coming days. [1]: http://www2.kusports.com/users/railer1122/ [2]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0umQIQxfi1Q [3]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altus,_Oklahoma [4]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdRd3k4CIAg [5]: http://www2.kusports.com


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