A Mother’s Day wish

I sat down with the ads this week and decided I couldn’t write about shopping today.  After all, it is Mother’s Day.

Instead today, I find myself grateful and thankful for the wonderful husband and sons I share my life with.

We have certainly had our share of fun and struggles, but at the end of the day, we still come together as a family.   I can only hope that my boys know how completely and unconditionally I love them.  And their gift to me on this day, is how proud they make me everyday.

I was very fortunate as a child, to grow up knowing I had the support of my family.  Even though we live states away from our extended family, I have tried to give my kids that same sense of support.  

So today, I would like to wish all moms a very happy Mother’s Day.  And to my mom, a very big thank you for all her love and support.