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Gas or charcoal? Father's Day gift will turn up summer's heat


Buying gifts for my husband has gotten more and more difficult over the years. I used to be able to pick out gifts that he would like, but lately I feel like I’ve been striking out in this area. The old standby, shirt and tie, doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. So now when a holiday approaches, i.e. Father’s Day or his birthday, I ask for specific instructions or I try to pick up on dropped hints. The latter can be very difficult.

This year, however, his birthday and Father’s Day fall on the same Sunday, and he was very specific on the gift he would like – a charcoal grill.

When we bought our first house, his grandparents gave us a Weber grill as a housewarming gift. He loved it. That grill served us well for many years and survived several moves. But when it was time to replace the Weber, we opted for a gas grill.

My husband liked the ease of getting the gas grill started and not having to wait for the coals to be at the right temperature, but he missed the flavor of charcoal grilled food.

Now we need to replace our gas grill, and I am going to make my husband very happy this year when he receives his birthday/Father’s Day gift – a brand new Weber kettle grill.

When it comes to gas grills, I notice they can get very elaborate. Prices are quite varied and can get pretty expensive. On the other hand, charcoal grills are fairly basic. The Weber kettle grill I plan on getting my husband is priced at $89 at the retailers I’ve checked. I did see a UniFlame charcoal kettle grill that looks similar to the Weber in Walmart’s ad for $39.96.

I notice, however, in Target’s ad this week, they carry the traditional black kettle grill or a hue I haven’t seen before – copper. Hmm, he didn’t specify color . . .

Do any of you have a grilling preference – gas or charcoal? What type of grill would you recommend?


5thgeneration 7 years ago

Charcoal for sure. Most of us have a gas/electric oven. Buy lump charcoal at Checkers. Buy a chimney started from Cotton's or Westlake's. Buy and read the LJW (Print version)....I do.....or pick up the trading post from Checkers. You just can't beat charcoal's flavor.

irvan moore 7 years ago

i'd like gas for ease of use but you can't bet charcoal, i'm stickin with the weber.

trinity 7 years ago

Traeger pellet smoker/grill. the only way to fly.

HRCJJ 7 years ago

weber makes a grill that has a gas starter, but uses charcoal. We love ours and it sounds perfect for you guys.

oldvet 7 years ago

Grill with natural gas, smoke with charcoal.

Mark Currie 7 years ago

Costs more, but I have a Big Green Egg and love it. Uses natural starter and lump charcoal. Got mine from The Fire Place, on W. 6th

muttonchops 7 years ago

I always like the cleanliness and ease of gas, but if you can keep the charcoal tidy in a rubber container or something of the sort, then it's absolutely worth going that route. My friend just purchased a small lided trash can and put his charcoal bags and chimney starter in that. Kept things clean and his charcoal dry.

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

Charcoal most definitely. I bought one of those grills that look like a barrel on it's side from Dillon's a few years ago. Had to assemble it myself. If I ever have to get another one, I want it just like the first one.

HRCJJ 7 years ago

except for the fact that grilling doesn't heat up the kitchen and that is a major plus in my book :)

riverdrifter 7 years ago

Propane only for me. On my Charbroil Red grill (infra-red) I can sear a steak to medium-rare perfection much easier than on charcoal and the steaks are beautifully marked. You can get the Red grills very hot, making them the perfect steak/burger grill.

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