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Free Canvas People Canvas for Mom


You DO realize that Mother's Day is only a week away now, right?

There are all kinds of things that you can do for the Mothers in your life this Mother's Day. What NOT to do is a little more pertinant. Do NOT give appliances...no matter how much you think she needs them...if she truely needs them...give them sometime in the near future, not attached to a holiday. Do NOT make the Mothers in your life prepare a meal under the guise of group celebration. The list goes on and on. Personally, my favorite gift is that of time.

Give me an uninterupted nap; a long, hot shower; time to get ready without kids pulling on my legs and trying on my makeup. That, my friend, is worth its weight in Gold.

If you are looking for a good gift for the Mother(s) in your life...here is an idea:

Canvas People offer a FREE 8x10 canvas of your choice, you pay shipping. When you sign up ou get a $55 credit to use on your first order. You can use this credit for the free 8x10 or towards another purchase.

It is as simple as uploading a photo that you like and having the canvas shipped to you. I really like the idea of taking some of your child's artwork and having a canvas made out of it.

When Brendan was very young I saved some of his finger paintings and framed them for Eric to put in his office. They actually turned out very nicely. I am having some of his later creations turned into canvas so they will last a little longer. Framed and presented correctly, children's art makes great decorations in your house.


Wendy magillicutty 8 years ago

Great idea! And glad I'm not the only one that wants time ALONE on mothers day!

1julie1 8 years ago

Does anyone know what the shipping and handling charge is on an 8 x 10? I can't find it anywhere on their web site (including in their FAQ section). Thanks!

SuperJenn 8 years ago


I ordered this and shipping was $14.95. The quality was really good, I was impressed. You can order them framed or larger and then just apply the $55 credit but I'm too cheap for that. :)

Katara 8 years ago


Your link to your article made my computer go all crazy. It acted like it was scanning something.

SuperJenn 8 years ago


I'm so sorry. I'll take the link out. I thought that had been fixed. It is NOT a virus and will NOT affect your computer. It is malaware that is attached to one of my ad networks who refuses to release me from their contract but this keeps happening. I'm so sorry. It only happens when one particular ad is in rotation...I haven't figured out which one.

I'm rebuilding SuperJenn this week and hopefully that will no longer be a problem.

Katara 8 years ago

Not a problem. The most it did was shut down my browser.

I would double check your contract with that ad network. Surely there is something in there that will let you out because they are affecting your ability to use your website?

RoeDapple 8 years ago

Great! In an effort to save you 17 cents on canned peas the coupon clippers can help render your 2000 dollar computer useless.

Katara 8 years ago

Who on earth would pay $2000 on a computer???

RoeDapple 8 years ago

Hey! Takes a lot of power to play solitaire!


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