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CellFire $$/$$ at Dillons



I hesitate to post this because it was such a mess last time... but money is money so here it goes:

CellFire has announced another "Cinderella" coupon that will go live today at 2PM CST. They are assuring people on their Facebook page that the snags have been worked out and the coupon will go live with no problems. They tout higher dollar coupons this time around but say that they will go fast.

You must log in and visit THIS PAGE to load your $/$ coupon.

If you are not a registered user of CellFire you can register with them HERE. You can use any number if you do not have a cell, and all I can say is that personally I've never received any telemarketing from registering with them and I've been a customer for two years now.

I'll be interested to see how this one goes today. I probably won't try for the coupon, they have very quick expiration dates and I will be out of town for the next week and a half... I'll leave the coupons for those of you who will be here shopping!


brokenwing1026 8 years ago

It took it forever to load, then the $5 coupon showed up but it wouldn't let me load it to my card. Now it's gone. I checked Dillon's website too and it never loaded. Guess they didn't have the problems all fixed.

gatekeeper 8 years ago

I never even saw the coupon. I don't like and don't think I trust this site. I loaded some coupons on my card, shopped at Dillons, but the coupon amount wasn't taken off my bill.

If you go to Dillon's site, they have coupons there you can load on your card. The Cellfire site only has a few coupons, but the Dillon's site had tons of them. http://www.softcoin.com/Sites/Kroger_ECoupons/Page/HomePage/Retailer/Dillons

SuperJenn 8 years ago

I'm reading on their Facebook page and on Twitter and it seems you aren't the only ones who had issues with the coupon never quite "loading". First off, I would contact them via Facebook if that is a viable option for you. Tell them what you said here, that it got stuck "loading" ...I think they are trying to make private arrangements with people.

I gave them a second chance but I won't be posting anymore of their "Cinderella Deals"...terribly unreliable and disappointing for a larger company.

As for the company and the coupons, I've found sometimes they have a few, sometimes they have a lot. In general I've been pleased with them.

If you print off the list of coupons that are loaded to your card and take it to the store with you, if it doesn't come off at the register (it doesn't often show up until the end and is marked at the actual item on the register tape) you can visit customer service and they will likely take it off for you.

Dillons own site has stepped up in the past couple of months with their loadable coupons. Thanks for posting that link gatekeeper.

fanaddict 8 years ago

As soon as 2 hit, the website froze...I couldn't even get it loaded back up again.

VTHawk01 8 years ago

It was a complete pain and took 15 minutes, but I wanted to post and say that I actually did manage to get the coupon and by some stroke of luck it seems that it's actually been added to my dillons card. Looks like the person running it through facebook is trying really hard to be accommodating.

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