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Savings can add up at Kohl's


I’m a big Kohl’s fan.

There’s a 3 day sale going on right now through Thursday, Nov. 5. Lots of items for 50% off. It’s a good opportunity to use any Kohl’s cash you earned in October. You may have received coupons in the mail last month as well. I still have a coupon for an additional 15% on everything that expires Nov. 10.

Let us know your best deals at Kohl's.

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fairplay 6 years ago

Who do I contact to have my business's sales published on LJWorld.com as a "news story"? Also, what is the cost for this faux news/advertisement?

Randall Uhrich 6 years ago

This isn't news, this is ADVERTISING!!! It's no wonder newspapers are losing subscribers. They deserve to fail.

Ignorant_Yokel 6 years ago

Everything at Kohl's is always on "sale." That's the gimmick.

madman 6 years ago

I believe it is a Blog.

Thank you for keeping an eye out on the deals around town. I love reading your BLOG (not news story or advertising, ha, ha!) I am getting a better use out of my coupons because it.

Vinny1 6 years ago

Ignorant_Yokel (Anonymous) says…

Everything at Kohl's is always on “sale.” That's the gimmick.

This is so true. They get their stuff in and mark it up so right away they can put 30% off on it and it looks like a deal. The worst thing is people buy into it as a 'great deal'.

whitecho 6 years ago

since we're on the topic of what's on sale where ... how about this ... at White Chocolate (933 mass) there is a food drive going on ... bring in 3 non-perishables and get 20% off your entire purchase! ...

clothes, shoes, skateboards. no exceptions!

that's a coupon that actually gives back to the community. all non perishables go to the Penn House (in east Lawrence). hurry. food drive ends NOV 25.

also, White Chocolate always does a recycling discount ... ten aluminum cans gets you 10% off any one item.

i imagine there are plenty of other local businesses that have equally great deals going on now.

mom_of_three 6 years ago

Kohl's prices are set by the company, so nothing is marked up, and then marked 30% down.
Lots of their stuff is on sale, mostly for different percentages each week. BUT there are items which are taken off sale each week.
You can get good deals at kohl's, but you have to know when to look.

otto 6 years ago

Don't buy the item at all and save 100%

hail2oldku 6 years ago

whitecho - good to know. I've got a skater junkie that I can come in and buy Christmas presents for with this sale, and help the community at the same time.

WHY 6 years ago

mom of three-- try to buy something at kohls for full price sometime. you can't do it. a ten dollar shirt is listed as a 20 dollar shirt half off. it is a scam.

monkey_c 6 years ago

Whitescho - Awesome info. But if you can get me that skateboard directly I'd be might grateful and would buy some full price chocolate. But really this is good to know and the can info is good too! Havem't been in the store yet, but I'll be sure to stop in. I don't know about the mark up to mark down deal. But I do think that when something is on sale there it is getting close to a fair price, so I don't consider it to be a good deal. Definately not news, we can agree on that. But for a blog I think tips on savings and household finance is a good theme.

thomgreen 6 years ago

Whitescho- do you guys carry Girl Skateboard company stuff? I like their t-shirts, and I've been thinking about buying some of their "Where The Wild Things Are" decks.

puddleglum 6 years ago

hey, I got some stuff i'm trrying to sell also, so get ahold of me and i will hook you all up!

nobody1793 6 years ago

Save at Spangles! $2.99? Are you outta your mind!?

mom_of_three 6 years ago

To WHY - When I go to Kohl's, I do not buy anything that is not on sale, but believe me, there are items not on sale each week. THEY have to. And I know from experience.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

Snap's College of Cheesemaking and Taxidermy is having a 2 for 1 sale on marmots this month. The number to call is BR-549.

labmonkey 6 years ago

Kohl's, where nary a thing is made in USA. Avoid this place and look for American made items elsewhere.

SuperJenn 6 years ago

Whitecho That is awesome information! A huge part of the success of a blog like this one is that the community can jump in and share deals that they find...no one...or two people can find all of the deals...only what we get information about or see...thank you so much for sharing!

alm77 6 years ago

Whitecho - thanks for the heads up! My little skater would appreciate knowing that. Maybe if you advertised with LJW, you'd be in this blog too? I dunno.

I do like this blog, and find it VERY useful, although, like I've said before, I can often get a better deal at Aldi, but not always. Your blog has helped me see that.

Like the other commenters here, I too would like to know if this is paid advertising. Everyone here assumes that it's "free" advertising, but I suspect there is a charge for this perk? I would think it makes good business sense if there is and wouldn't see anything wrong with that. However, I do think a statement saying as much would be in order. I've been watching for some sort of fine print or a comment by Jenn and/or Julie that would clarify this, but haven't seen anything yet.

Like I said, I love how you ladies guide me through the deals and coupons and very much appreciate your expertise! I was never a coupon clipper before, but now I have a stack thumb-tacked to the cork board on my fridge. You've been an inspiration!

SuperJenn 6 years ago

Alm77 -

We have stated before in our posts, but it is worth clarifying...we are absolutely not paid by any of the places we mention. The Journal World does not receive payments for mention in THIS BLOG.

I've been running my own personal blog for a year and a half...and I'm actively on Twitter mentioning how I save money. I teach a coupon class in Lawrence as well... this is how I got the attention of the Journal World...they do pay Julie and I for our freelance services...to share our opinion.

Speaking for myself alone, I share what I find useful, inexpensive and to be a "good deal". My goal is to help others (like you!) learn to look at things a little differently and find ways to save money at the store they might not have thought of before. In the current state of my life...I am condensing...and I primarily shop at Dillon's...because I simply don't have time to make the rounds that I used to....so my sharing is a little limited. (Although the more I read about deals other people are finding around town...the more I'm itching to get out and take advantage!)

We are looking at the same information the rest of the community is if they subscribe to the Journal World...we are just offering our take on it! :) When I was approached to write here... one thing I made absolutely clear was that I would not post advertisements...things I didn't believe in or things that I didn't find to be a good deal just because someone else was paying for it!

I hope that helps clarify things a little bit. There will always be people who don't believe it, or who don't get that the point of this blog is to talk about shopping...so of course we are going to talk about stores in town...but I certainly want to make sure that those of you who are reading and learning are well informed about what we are doing!!

Thanks so much for your comments!!

alm77 6 years ago

Excellent. Thank you for clarifying. I bet you could have your own sponsored blog or sell your twitter posts if you so desired (I follow tons of celebrities who have endorsement tweets which are labeled "ad"). Then you would not only save money, but make some as well. But then there comes that content/advertising controversy.

So, does this mean you encourage people like Whitecho to submit to you the deals they are running in so that you can decide if they are blog worthy?

I still think you should check out Aldi. ;)

SuperJenn 6 years ago

alm77 -

Oh yes...there are TONS of ways to make money on blogs...after much debate I have chosen to stay away from most of them! I do very few reviews...only for products I really love...and often it isn't a sponsored review...ie I don't get it for free. I DO get lots of Wii products for free from my Wii Mommies site (standard disclaimer :) ) ... I run a couple of ad banners on my site but it is through an ad network...I mostly stay away from sponsored posts, links, etc... I didn't start blogging to make money...its just an added bonus from time to time!

You and the Aldi!! ;) I have been there... I do think some of their things are worth purchasing and I make a special trip there for specific items that I won't buy elsewhere. You should check out MomAdvice.com she has an entire blog dedicated to Aldi...and recipes that you can create using items they sell at Aldi!

julieanderson 6 years ago

Whitecho - Thanks for the White Chocolate info. We need to know when these events are happening in our community.

gsxr600 6 years ago

If Kohl's and JcP would actually have sales from time to time, I might be more inclined to go, but considering everything is always on sale, I can wait another weekend because I know whatever I want will be on sale when I want it. Terrible marketing strategy. GJ

rbwaa 6 years ago

This is way off topic but can anybody tell me where I can get shoes repaired in Lawrence?

Danielle Brunin 6 years ago

I love Aldi! Their Fit and Active brand is really quite good. We have been shopping there for 18 months now, and by our estimates have saved $3500 compared to what we would have spent at Walmart and Checkers. We rarely grocery shop at Dillons, HyVee, or Target, or it would be even more. However, I do not recommend their coffee or lemon-pepper, or garlic fish. Blech. The employees are really friendly too.

julieanderson 6 years ago

I'm an avid Kohl's shopper and have been for years. I only buy items on sale or on clearance. I've purchased winter coats for my kids there for sometimes under $10 -- off the clearance racks. Most recently, I purchased a $20 sports coat for my husband. And, if you have coupons, naturally the price is reduced even further. A few weeks ago, I posted about crock pots that could be purchased at Kohl's for under $13. In my opinion, all of these are good deals.

So with that, to clear up any confusion, this blog is not designed to be a news story. We write about deals that we feel will be helpful to our readers. Again, strictly our opinions. We also encourage readers to share deals they may come across. We love to hear your ideas.

KansasPerson 6 years ago

Julie, those ARE good deals (provided of course that's a full-size crockpot and not a teeny one) IF... and this is a big if... you are already looking for the item that's on sale.

If people are just lured in by a sale to buy stuff that they weren't even thinking about before the sale came up, then are they really saving money? Of course not.

I'm not criticizing your blog here. I think it's an excellent thing to know where the bargains are, if you're in the market for something. And I don't claim to know your motivations when you go shopping. All I know is, I do know people who crowd their house up with STUFF just because it was "on sale." And then you see it in their house months later, still unused. Or out on their lawn during a yard sale!

I've actually seen shoppers talking with their fellow-shoppers, thinking out loud as they try to come up with a reason they "need" this particular item, just because it's on sale!

Oh well, it's a free country and people can run themselves into debt if they want to.

scribe 6 years ago

Labminkey, is anything really made in the USA anymore? RBWAA, the only place in town for shoe repair that I'm aware of is BKB Leather, 811 Elm Street, 331-2303.

SuperJenn 6 years ago

KansasPerson... You are SO RIGHT. One of the things I always tell people is that if you are spending money on something because its on sale...or you have a coupon...and you don't need it...you aren't saving money..it is the opposite effect! That paired with the idea that there is a HUGE difference between a "sale" and a "deal"...MOST definitely.

Some things I do stockpile... toys (birthday parties for the kids are never ending...if I can get a $20 toy for $5 I'm going to buy in advance)... non perishables that get used in my house, etc. I don't have room in my life for more "stuff"!! That being said...every deal I post is not something I'm necessarily buying!!!

Thanks so much for your comments!

alm77 6 years ago

Jenn, I have an Aldi cookbook that they put out a couple years ago. I'll definitely check out that site!

hail2oldku 6 years ago

You Aldi backers do realize that they are the German version of WalMart don't you?

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, just chuckling at the number of people that won't set a foot in Wally World, but will shop Aldi because of their great deals.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

These sales at Kohl's are somewhat of a joke. That 50% off is kinda bogus. We believe this Kohl's store is the dumping ground for other Kohl's stores. In other words what other stores cannot sell comes to a downsized small town store such that Lawrence is blessed with.

These big stores claim to give 50% off. That is 50% off the manufacturers suggested retail. This Kohl's store never sells anything at SRP. Thus the savings looks greater than it truly is.

This sales gimmick has been around for awhile.

If the price were 50% off the everyday price,which again is suppose to be a sale price, then the items MIGHT be a bargain. It's a fraud I say.

I'll also say these women are not the best at hunting bargains from what I've observed in their blogs or column or whatever.

julieanderson 6 years ago

KansasPerson - The crock pot I mentioned was a full size pot with basic on/off - warm-low-high settings.

Katara 6 years ago

merrill (Anonymous) says… These sales at Kohl's are somewhat of a joke. That 50% off is kinda bogus. We believe this Kohl's store is the dumping ground for other Kohl's stores. In other words what other stores cannot sell comes to a downsized small town store such that Lawrence is blessed with.

These big stores claim to give 50% off. That is 50% off the manufacturers suggested retail. This Kohl's store never sells anything at SRP. Thus the savings looks greater than it truly is.

This sales gimmick has been around for awhile.

If the price were 50% off the everyday price,which again is suppose to be a sale price, then the items MIGHT be a bargain. It's a fraud I say.

I'll also say these women are not the best at hunting bargains from what I've observed in their blogs or column or whatever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dude, why the use of the "we"? You got a frog in your pocket?

If you think that the deals are not that great, then post what you consider a great deal.

I think finding brand new jeans for $2.50/ea for children in the middle of a growth spurt to be an awesome find And it is even better when I have a %off coupon to go with it. And I'm fairly certain that the above price is well below 50% SRP.

But again, if you are so confident that you can do better than Julie or Jenn, then post your great deals.

LadyJ 6 years ago

rbwaa--there is a guy in North Lawrence BKB Leather, LJW did a story on him a while back. He also has a website by the same name. He did a great job for us.

Cindy Yulich 6 years ago

Julie's summary of Kohl's is quite accurate. Shop clearance and stockpile for bdays, etc. I keep a list of family members, birthdates and sizes (for kids) for this reason. If I see a true bargain, I buy and put it back for the date. If you buy off clearance and use Kohls bucks, it really adds up.

labmonkey 6 years ago


Everything I have on right now except my boxers are made in USA.

AnnaUndercover 6 years ago

So glad to hear about the 10% discount at White Chocolate! I'm eyeing another pair of Tom's shoes. Yay for social responsibility and fashion!

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