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Another Chance to Win at The Great Holiday Rebate Contest


Don't forget to play week two of The Great Holiday Rebate contest on Sunday. See where Jenn and Julie's adventure takes them.

Enter to win a weekly drawing of a $50 Downtown Lawrence gift certificate. The grand prize will be $500 cash!

You'll need Sunday's paper to get the clues to win.


trunkshow 8 years, 6 months ago

My comment relates to blog earlier today about diy gifts.

Almost 3 yrs ago, daughter & I used "Cake Doctor" recipes to make cakes and baked them in large wide mouth canning jars. It all started when science class was studying how tightly sealed jars preserved foods. Fill jars about 2/3 full with prepared mix. It's best to set jars on flat cookie sheet or in large cake pan before placing in oven. Watch cake to know when done (each recipe varies) then QUICKLY seal with canning lid. Twist lids on very tightly. I remember her being amazed hearing the lids 'click' as the cooled. Tops can be decorated with fabric squares & tied with ribbons or custom made labels stuck on the jars. You can add the recipe to the gift cards (then the recipients know the contents- in case there's food allergy to be concerned about). Great for singles or senior citizens who don't bake much and they can open a 'fresh' cake when they want it.

julieanderson 8 years, 6 months ago

Trunkshow - I love the Cake Doctor. This idea fascinates me. This would be something I could even get my 13 year old interested in. Thanks.

twinetowngirl 8 years, 6 months ago

will it be the same as last weeks fill in the blank with the "hints" on the line? ie: page 5 walmart add ect ect?

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