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In which I look back at comments and look ahead to a milestone

Jonathan Kealing

Love them or loath them, comments and the comment threads are a major part of our online community on, as well as on our sister sites, and As a group, our sites are approaching an important milestone: their 1,000,000th comment. Since 2003, we've allowed comments on one ...

When it comes to e-mail, I'm an e-mailaholic

Jonathan Kealing

Hi, my name is Jonathan Kealing, and I'm an e-mailaholic. @ColonelTribune, the Twitter persona of the Chicago Tribune, passed along a link this morning to a study about e-mail usage. What did they find? When it comes to e-mail, you are either a "day laborer" or an "e-mailaholic." Me? I'm ...

We're reprogramming our scanner, which gets me thinking about 10 codes

Jonathan Kealing

We're reprogramming our scanner today to make sure we're receiving emergency information from as many areas as possible. We use this a lot for car accidents and fires, but also for severe weather. The tornado that touched down in Linwood a couple weeks ago reminded us that there is an ...

Win a big screen TV! (and get Big 12 and NCAA Tournament scores sent to your phone!)

Jonathan Kealing

With the Big 12 Tournament kicking off today, that can mean just one thing: the NCAA Tournament is right around the corner. We've reworked our bracket contest this year (can't divulge all the details yet because we're still working feverishly to get it done) and because of that we're ...

Kansas gets publicity for budget problems; user nominates new state slogan

Jonathan Kealing

UPDATE: And our winner is mom_of_three with her entry: Kansas: Flat and BrokeMom_of_three, send me an e-mail to claim your prize.News organizations from New Zealand, to Dallas to Philadelphia to Paris and countless others have been publicizing Kansas' budget woes in the past 24 hours.This is the sort of publicity ...

Social bookmarking tools arrive at

Jonathan Kealing

We launched some new tools on our stories late yesterday. Perhaps you noticed them?Next to Comment and Print, you'll now find buttons for Facebook, Digg and Delicious — three social networks that to greater and lesser degrees allow Internet users to tell friends or the whole world about a story ...

KU journalism students turn to video to get out the vote

Jonathan Kealing

Seems like everyone is getting into election mode.A group of beginning journalism students at Kansas University were told to research their generation and prepare an ad that would entice them to vote. The class instructor, Prof. Barbara Barnett, said the students were instructed not to support a single candidate, but ...

Trace the Ramona Morgan trial, from incident to conviction

Jonathan Kealing

By now, you've surely seen that a jury [found Ramona Morgan guilty Tuesday][1] of two counts of second-degree murder and one count of aggravated battery.And you've also likely seen that [one of the construction workers has filed a civil suit][2] against Morgan for injuries she received in the incident.But the ...


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