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A note about recent changes


You may have noticed that our sites look a bit different this morning. That's because our content management system has been updated to allow for new and improved features.

I'll talk a bit about those in a moment, but first you should know that, as with any major change, we're experiencing some bugs. So we've been troubleshooting, identifying problem areas and compiling issues so that our Web development team can fix them.

Some of the issues we've experienced so far are: - missing comments; - inaccurate comment counts; - problems with the mobile site of ljworld.com; - email editions are not going out; - problems reading private messages

We apologize for these issues, and we're working to fix them.

Now, for the good news. Our upgraded system has a number of new features that we're excited about.

Social networking

You can now sign into LJWorld.com, KUsports.com and Lawrence.com. using your Twitter, Google or OpenID accounts.

In comments

  • Users can now edit posts; you have a several-minute window to make changes;
  • An updated "reply" function that makes threaded comments easier to follow;
  • A thumbs-up button that lets users like a comment, as you might on Facebook.
  • Links to photos and videos will now show in the comments section, and users can upload photos with a caption; remember, with great power comes great responsibility


If you're tired of trying to navigate our sites on your phone, you'll be pleased to know that the sites now automatically redirect to stripped-down mobile versions, which are easier to read. We're still working out some kinks, but we're especially excited about this. If you liked reading the regular site on your mobile device, there's a "view full site" button at the bottom of the page, which loads the normal site. This feature is not yet available for the mobile versions of KUsports.com and Lawrence.com.

We anticipate more features rolling out in the near future. If you're experiencing any of our growing pains, please be patient as we work out the kinks.


Lawrence Morgan 3 years ago

Why don't you ask US what we would like?

RoeDapple 3 years ago

"kansasplains1 Why don't you ask US what we would like?"

Most of these changes have been requested many times by many different posters.

( They still haven't handed over the big red disapearededed button. I been askin' for it for years!)

Leslie Swearingen 3 years ago

Alex, I think the changes are great, both in looks and function.

deec 3 years ago

PLEASE give us an ignore poster feature! Pretty, pretty please?

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

You wouldn't ever ignore me, would you? How could you possibly do that?

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

I just now looked at your past postings with no problem at all. I'm on Knology cable modem.

waiting 3 years ago

Alex, my inbox here says you sent me a message, but it is not showing up on gmail, which appears to be a problem with Knology. I have started a new e-mail with att but don't see any way to change my e-mail for my user account. Any suggestions?

Alex Parker 3 years ago

PMs seem to be an issue. I was writing regarding our email exchange, and suggested you post in the comments section of our story today.

Katara 3 years ago

So where is the ignore feature?

Pictures are nice but most people have requested an ignore feature. You would find you could spend even less time moderating this site if people had access to an ignore feature.

Liberty275 3 years ago

Ant time you see toushahoma as the contributor, don't read it.

All the hatred he spews can't be good for anyone that reads it.

GardenMomma 3 years ago

HATE the mobile site and can't access "view full site."

Alex Parker 3 years ago

That issue has been noted, and our team is working on it.

classclown 3 years ago

As far as comments not showing up goes, I have been completely censored. I have no idea why. Doubtful this actually gets posted. Makes no difference which article I try to post on, I am completely shut out.

Maybe if I were more liberal about calling people I disagree with douche bags and teabaggers those posts would go through.

Or perhaps if I made it my business to troll certain other posters about the contents of their posts. Or figured I should make it my business who can and can't be allowed to post here and tattle on anyone I suspect of being a previously banned user.

Why am I wasting my time writing this? It won't get posted anyway.

Steve Jacob 3 years ago

I love it when people complain about changes to FREE websites like Facebook and LJW.

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

Here's what you might consider a bug: I started the next sentence on another line, but the comment came out on one line anyway.

And, I do not like how we now don't have a chance to review our posts, they are posted with only one mouse click, so we won't be able to change our minds or check for errors before they go online.

Alex Parker 3 years ago

I forgot to mention one great feature: You have the opportunity to edit posts. I think it's within 10 minutes or so of posting.

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

I reread, it's there, I just didn't notice it!

Katara 3 years ago

So where is the ignore feature?

When people ask for an ignore feature repeatedly, they are not meaning for you to ignore their request.

You could spend even less time moderating this forum if you programmed an ignore feature for users to utilize when desired.

Some of the features you've added are useless. We need to be able to increase or decrease the size of the comment box? Really? You considered that a more important feature than an ignore feature?

RoeDapple 3 years ago

Relax Katara. I ignore certain posters constantly. It's like spam or tele-marketers, you can't stop 'em so just go around 'em. You surely don't read anything Mr. Cut 'n Paste puts up do you?

Katara 3 years ago

Spam filters for my email takes care of that problem and Privacy Manager on my phone takes care of the telemarketers.

An ignore feature is not some horribly complicated bit of programming. Many forums offer this feature.

Instead we get useless features such as adjusting the size of the post comment box.

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

Katara, it's possible that adding an "ignore poster" feature would require a major change in the program. It's not always as easy as it might appear to change a computer program.

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

This is a repeat of a posting that I just made. After I had finished and posted it, I refreshed the page. My comment and the photograph of a 1912 Mitchell showed up fine. But when I clicked "news", and came back to this blog, both my comment and the photograph were gone!

There seems to be a problem with posting photographs. I found a very nice picture of a 1912 Mitchell to compliment the 100 years ago column, and I had some trouble getting it to work correctly. I got it done after a couple tries, and then when I refreshed the page, I could see the photograph that I had posted.

But when I clicked "news", and then looked at the 100 years ago column, the photograph was gone, leaving only (2) comments posted for my efforts!

I'll try it again here.

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

There is a problem with reposting after editing. There is only an "edit" button, and no "post comment" button. And, the double spacing in the posting above did not appear on my edited comment, it was single spaced for the original comment and also on the comment box after I clicked "edit".

After I made a couple minor additions, I clicked "edit" and noticed there was no "post" button. Clicking "edit" seemed to do it after I was done, but then there was that double spacing in the first paragraph. I tried to correct it twice, no luck.

And, exactly one time the photograph of the 1912 Mitchell showed up. That was immediately after I refreshed the page, and after I left this blog and came back it was gone.

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

That double spacing does not appear in my comment in my comment history, and both of my tries to post on the 100 years ago column don't show at all in my comment history.

But I did see the photo of the 1912 Mitchell appear on this page and the 100 years ago column exactly one time, immediately after posting and refreshing the page.

It really is a very nice picture of the car!

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

Success! I got the picture of the 1912 Mitchell posted on the 100 years ago column!

Ron Holzwarth 3 years ago

I went to look at the 100 years ago column again, and now the photograph of the 1912 Mitchell is gone.

GardenMomma 3 years ago

Where can I find the letters to the editor on the mobile site? I searched using the search box and got letters from March! Of course I didn't know they were that old until I clicked the link to read them because there is no date on any of your article titles on the mobile site. Could you add that too please?

Also, the feedback box isn't working. I typed in the box, hit send and got "oops! You need to fill out the form before you hit send." What's up with that?

Anyway, patiently waiting for the "view full site" to be up and running. I REALLY do not enjoy the mobile version.

Alex Parker 3 years ago

Thanks for letting us know, GardenMomma. I'll make sure our web developers know about these issues.

labmonkey 3 years ago

Did these changes make the site a little more software heavy? When I am at work, LJworld takes forever to load (older computers and more filters to go through also). I shouldn't complain too much when I have time to check the site out at work, but it really does take a long time to open up.

marymo70 3 years ago

Bitch, moan,and complain. Did they not say there are bugs to work out? Simmer down!

rcr 3 years ago

If I wanted a mobile site to come up on my phone I would download an app for it. Mobile sites, yours included, are crap. Why do you fell the need to automatically make someone switch over to this? Then to make matters worse, when you click the view full site button nothing happens, it just takes you back to the same crappy mobile site.

Alex Parker 3 years ago

As stated above, this is a known issue and we are working on it.

Susan Rickman 3 years ago

It seems that LJWorld would benefit by going the way of some other news organizations, by having folks log in with their real names. Perhaps folks would think twice before posting something offensive or rude, and the "ignore" option wouldn't be so needed.

classclown 3 years ago

Agnostick 25 minutes ago

Unless, of course, you're on the Sketchy List, and every comment you add has to go through moderators. If it takes you 60-90 minutes to get to my comment, does that mean I have to sit here for 60-90 minutes, waiting for my post to show up?

So, from that standpoint, "within 10 minutes or so of posting" doesn't give us a fair chance, I don't think. I'd prefer going back to the preview page, and ditching the editing. I predict the edit feature will be abused.


You're lucky to have yours only take 60-90 minutes. It took 30 hours for mine to show up. And as you stated, since I don't have the patience to wait the entire 30 hours for my post to show, I have forfeited any chance to edit my post.

classclown 3 years ago

Another interesting thing I've noticed is that when my posts are allowed to grace the comment section, they are placed right where they would be if they were posted right away.

So after a 30 hour interlude, anyone looking for new comments will simply scroll on past my comment that is in the middle of all the other comments of those that they esteemed overlords of the comment section like and allow to have their post display immediately assuming they've already read it.

So what's the point in commenting here now?

classclown 3 years ago

Speaking of this great new edit feature... The ability to preview comments in order to have the opportunity to correct any mistakes has proven to be too complicated for the majority of people using this site.

Do you really think they can handle a ten minute window to make edits to their comments?

classclown 3 years ago

Another thing about edits. Perhaps it would be better to allow users to be able to edit the articles directly instead of having to point out the numerous mistakes that those whom are paid to write professionally make.

That way they can be corrected immediately instead of having one or more users point out all the mistakes and having them corrected via "updates" quietly without acknowledging the person pointing out the mistake. Which in turn makes it so some ding dong comes along later and accuses the user finding the error of lacking in reading skills.

I'll check back in 30 hours or so to see how you feel about that.

Maybe I'll be able to "update" this post. :Þ~

classclown 3 years ago

About "liking" comments. I've notice a person can "Like" their own comment. That is cheesy. A person can also remove their "Like" apparently. So I guess if I get my feelings hurt by someone. I can go "Unlike" every comment of theirs that I "Liked" previously. That'll show em!

The good thing about the "Like" feature is that it should put an end to all those idiotic "Like" post as well as the equally moronic +1 posts along with all the oh so clever +10, +1000, et al comments.

Like it or not..

Phoghorn 3 years ago

How about allowing users to delete redundant comments that accidentally get posted twice?

cowboy 3 years ago


Whats the deal with not posting comments until "your content is reviewed" ?

somedude20 3 years ago

I tried to like a person's remark and it said to log in, I already wad logged in but I did it anyway and clicked the like button and it told me to log in but I was already logged in so I logged in again and clicked the like and it told me to log in but I was already logged in but I did it anyway and clicked on the like but it told me to.....

Also, all posts have to be approved before going live? Seems like a lot of work to approve something that is time sensitive and it also allows you guys to not post something just because you don't agree with it or don't like it not because it was crude. I posted a pic this AM that even a Nun would have no problem with, but magic made it not appear (but I did get the message that it was accepted

notorious_agenda 3 years ago

Journal World, It's called WURFL and it's free. USE IT.

George Lippencott 3 years ago

Katara, How would the ignore feature work? Would he/she to be ignored be only ignored on the feed to those who asked for them to be so ignored? Or would this turn into a "black" ball choice where we would essentially vote posters off the island??

George Lippencott 3 years ago

Well, no response. Guess I got voted off the island

classclown 3 years ago

Just thought of something interesting. Seeing as to how comments need to wait until someone can get around okaying them before anyone actually sees them, imagine how many people will assume they are the first to happen upon a new story. We could end up with 30 comments in a row from different users all saying "First".

Alex Parker 3 years ago

As stated above, we are working out the kinks. Please be patient.

verity 3 years ago

I've not had any problems---I must be special. And I like not having to go through the preview.

However I would like a thumbs down and an ignore button. But I'm not complaining. I can jump over posts all on my own.

Katara 3 years ago

I've not had any problems either although I do miss the preview box a bit.

I don't know so much about a thumbs down button. I'm not too crazy about a thumbs up button. It makes this into a popularity contest rather than a place to discuss things.

RoeDapple 3 years ago

Ima thinkin' an ignore button would eventually lead to only seeing posts of those we agree with . . . or maybe only seeing our own . . . .

DillonBarnes 3 years ago

Meh, sometimes I get a little annoyed with myself...

Yeah, I'd block myself.

classclown 3 years ago

Katara 20 hours, 36 minutes ago

I don't know so much about a thumbs down button. I'm not too crazy about a thumbs up button. It makes this into a popularity contest rather than a place to discuss things.


You've been around here long enough to know that it has been a popularity contest from the beginning. Especially with the special kids club. Once they land on an article, they make it impossible for the grownups to be able to discuss the article. No one wants to read about cuzinz or biscuits and gravy or any of the other inane things they spam the boards with.

However, they drive up the click count which is why they'll always be the darlings of the LJW staff and will always be favored over those that actually want to discuss things. Hateful vitriolic comments and idiotic droolings rule the day at the award winning LJWorld.

They even made it so they can give themselves a thumbs up. Maybe to help their self esteem.

cowboy 3 years ago

Alex , incredibly slow , using firefox , the censorship , by design or install issue ? what is going on here ? poor implementation all counts

GettinOlder 3 years ago

Can we have an update Alex on when the issues will be fixed?

I use my phone only for internet access and ever since the "update", I am unable to view the regular site, which means I can't view pictures or video, and it's incredibly difficult to find things on the stripped down, dumbed down mobile version.

Any information at all would be great. Thank you.

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