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World Company, community partners earn grant to develop regional news network


An innovative partnership between The World Company and four independent, online local news providers has been awarded a grant by J-Lab at American University in Washington, D.C.,, and have all agreed to participate in a cooperative with The World Company that allows each partner to use content from one another. The partners, known as the Northeast Kansas News Network, will also explore collaborative marketing, linking and will investigate whether the partnership could form the basis of a regional advertising network.

The grant, which is part of J-Lab's Networked Journalism project, provides $50,000 to be split between The World Company and the partners. That money is expected to be spent on equipment, promotion, marketing and staff time to develop the partnership and also to help improve the quality and amount of content being generated by the independent partners. Jonathan Kealing, assistant director of media strategy at The World Company, is coordinating the project.

“For us, this is a chance to help really develop the regional news ecosystem,” Kealing said. “These partners represent a wide variety of communities and all have as a goal to better inform their communities.”

Kealing said he hoped the grant and the partnerships that come out of it will enable these independent news sites to grow and thrive. is run by John Schulz, is operated by Jay Senter, is owned by Nick Sloan and is run by Joel Johns. The partners are using StoryMarket, a new content syndication platform developed at The World Company, to share their content with each other, as well as to make it available to other publishers.

Other news companies that have been awarded J-Lab Networked Journalism grants include the Miami Herald, The (Portland) Oregonian and


smitty 2 years, 11 months ago

I know that you, Mr Kealing, are just carrying out your assigned duties even if it means compromising what ethics you or your peers may possess. I know that this policy of appearances over fact has been a long standing policy of the JW.

The JW gets slammmed frequently for their awards. Can you connect the dots on why?


smitty 2 years, 11 months ago

Got a question for you Mr Kealing....

Why is the below AP story printed in the hard editon of the JW but is completely absent in the on-line version?

The last sentence is misssing, too.....Vashti Seacat had filed for divorce about two weeks before the fire...... is missing in the hard copy for the JW readers to consume.....

Seacat was a LE trainer in Hutch at the time of the murder, who may well have trained some of the LPD?

Remember Khatib's mantra on transparancy. If the LPD is on the up and up, it doesn't matter.

A link isovided to google to show there are 6 full pages of links that cover this murder without one from the JW...even though the JW did publish a part of the AP story in the hard copy. Here tis....

KINGMAN, Kan. (AP) _ A south-central Kansas law enforcement officer is charged with first-degree murder and arson in the death of his wife.

Thirty-four-year-old Vashti Seacat was found in her burned-out Kingman home following a suspicious fire April 30.

Thirty-five-year-old Brett Seacat was charged Friday by the attorney general and held in the Kingman County Jail. It was not immediately clear if he had a lawyer.

The charges allege Seacat killed his wife and put their two young sons in danger in setting the fire. The Hutchinson News reports authorities aren't commenting further while the investigation continues.

Seacat is a police instructor at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and a former Sedgwick County sheriff's deputy.

Vashti Seacat had filed for divorce about two weeks before the fire.

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

The JW is only adding to the DV by LE by not reporting the facts. Why hide the facts about violent LE? Why drop the fact that Seacat's wife had filed for divorce two weeks earlier?

Here's the facts.....this training officer had DV in his history that his fellow officers would not arrest him for. You see, if an officer is convicted of DV then it is no longer possible to carry a gun legally.

If Seacat's fellow Wichita officers hadn't used the blue wall of silence to cover up the violent history of Seacat, thirty-four-year-old Vashti Seacat, likely would not have been murdered by a state of Kansas LE training officer.

Take note that the charge had to come from the top cop in Kansas in lieu of local LE. ....charged Friday by the attorney general.... LE just doesn't arrest their own for what they arrest others.

The LPD has not had an officer arrested for DV for close to twenty years while stats show up to 40% of LE involved in DV nation wide.

The JW is dead wrong in their policy to hide information that protects the LPD from any possible criticism over no DV arrests in twenty years.

....dead wrong!


Sigmund 2 years, 11 months ago

Any options or opportunities here for free-lance journalist or must you be associated with one of the publishing partners?


Lawrence Morgan 2 years, 11 months ago

I would like to second Did_I-say_that's comments. This is a very important idea and he has put it very well. Lawrence


Benjamin Roberts 2 years, 11 months ago

Yesteryear, towns of all sizes had their own news papers. Over time technology, costs of production, etc., caused the demise of many news providers. Now - in a reverse order - etc., lower costs of production, and improved technology may provide for towns of all sizes to have their own news "papers" once again.

Good luck on this exciting venture.


Multidisciplinary 2 years, 11 months ago

Bet you're happy as a puppy with two peeters. Congrats JK!


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