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KUsports.com giveaways planned at Power & Light District during Big 12 Tournament Fan Fest


10:22 a.m. update

We've finished our live stream, but we'll put up video from it later. For now, we're going to take some pictures and get setup for our live stream of the fans inside Johnny's Tavern at Power and Light — during the game.

Check back later for photos, video plus Jesse Newell's live game blog.

Our first post:

Thursday morning, KUsports.com will be coming at you live from the Power & Light district before we come at you live from the Sprint Center.

KU has a pep rally planned starting at 9:55 a.m. and KUsports.com will bring it to you via live streaming video, starting about 9:45 a.m. Then, beginning a few minutes before tip-off, we'll be offering a live video stream of you all, the fans, from inside Johnny's Tavern at Power and Light district. We'll also have our KUsports.com tent inside, handing out cups, coasters, books and other KUsports.com and KU swag.

After the game, we'll be setup in the heart of the live block, taking pictures of KU fans, giving you a place to check your Facebook pages and — of course — handing out more goodies.

If you'd like to bend Tom Keegan's ear about his latest column, or pick up a tip from ace photographer Nick Krug, they'll be swinging by the KUsports.com tent after the game ends. If you're at the Power and Light district during the game, make sure you come over to our tent.

And check back RIGHT HERE at 9:45 a.m. for live video of the pep rally.


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