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And now, the winners of the Recreate the Shot contest


The interest in our Recreate the Shot contest has been off the charts, at least if you're looking at the number of votes received in our Recreate the Shot fan vote.

Something tells me, though, that all those votes weren't perfectly legitimate. In this case, though, that's not a problem because the fan vote lined up perfectly with the judgments of our "celebrity" judges.

Here are the top three videos in the Recreate the Shot contest, as determined by fan votes and the votes of our judges.

In fourth place, with six points:

— Entered by Lacey Hall

In third place with nine points

— Entered by Joseph Shaw

In second place, with 10 points:

— Entered by Michael Kennett

In first place, with 15 points — and all three first place votes:

— Entered by Andrew Holder

Thanks everyone for your submissions and your votes. All entrants will be contacted by e-mail by the end of this week to begin the process of claiming your prize.


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