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Welcome to the 'Recreate The Shot' contest (There's an HD TV up for grabs)


One day in November, we were sitting around wondering what we could do that would be a cool, fun way to reward you, our awesome users, for visiting us at KUsports.com.

Slowly, after many false starts and bad ideas, we hit on this.

To make a long story short, we want you all to recreate THE SHOT. You know the one I'm talking about, right? The Shot. The important one. From April 2008. Yeah, that one. Do you have it yet?

OK, good. Now, I know lots of you know how to use iMovie, and some of you are probably wizards with the Final Cut as well. But this challenge is going to be a little bit more difficult.

First, you can't use any photos, video or anything else that has the likeness of any current or former KU player or coach. Sure, that's a concession to the folks in our legal department (OK, we don't really have a legal department, but it's still a concession to The Law), but think of it as an extra special challenge. The entry must be precisely as long as the example video on the complete rules page: 1:05. No longer, no shorter. You also have to incorporate our site logo in there somehow.

What? You thought we weren't going to squeeze ourselves in there some way?

It's a big challenge. We know. But with a big challenge comes a big reward. This time, we're giving away a 1.5-inch thin, $2,000, 32-inch, HD TV from Kief's Audio Visual in Lawrence. We're also giving away a pair of men's basketball tickets to the runner-up, and a free buffet from Prairie Band Casino to everyone who enters.

So there it is. You have until Dec. 28 to put your video together. Get creative. Use videogames. Claymation. Who knows? The sky's the limit. Before you get started though, kindly read the full rules.

Once you've done that, got your video created, post it to YouTube and drop us the link.

Good luck!