Drop 10 friends, get a free burger

Kids love their social networking — Facebook, MySpace, they’re Twittering (which, by the way, I still don’t get) and doing all sorts of stuff online. Just last week, it was announced that Facebook has 150 million users worldwide. Advertisers are sure to follow with those numbers for Facebookers young and old (including BOTH of my parents. Yeah. Awesome.)So, get this: Burger King is now hoping you have amassed enough friends on Facebook that you can spare a few. That’s right. In their newest campaign, they’re hoping people sacrifice 10 friends for a Whopper. But, choose wisely, because those friends are going to be notified that you just ruined your friendship for a fast-food sandwich!The Chicago Tribune even went to the source: “It’s all meant as tongue-in-cheek,” said Tia Lang, director of media and interactive for Burger King. “I mean, if I had 300 friends, there are probably 10 or so people I’m not so close with. But overwhelmingly, we see people getting the joke.”Yeah, ha ha, I’m dropping you for a burger. Have a nice life. As of yet, I have not been ditched. That means either a) I’m awesome or b) none of my friends like Burger King. So far, almost 215,000 people have been de-friended. Ouch.Would you sacrifice 10 friends for a Whopper? Is this sending the wrong message to kids?