Federal stimulus package has $100 billion for education

On Friday, Kansas Commissioner of Education Alexa Posny told school districts that the federal stimulus package includes about $100 billion for education.

But, the money won’t just rain down from above — it’s targeted to specific areas. Here’s the breakdown:
– $10 billion for Title I
– $12.2 billion for IDEA, the Individuals with Disabilities Act
– $250 million for the state longitudinal data systems program, which collects data to improve student learning
– $3 billion for school improvement programs
– $53.6 billion for state fiscal stabilization, which includes $5 billion for state innovation and incentive grants

Commissioner Posny indicated that proposed guidance to states on how to use these funds could come as soon as this week. She also noted that states and districts would need to be ready to use the money now, but it seems some money will be far more restricted in potential uses that others.If you could spend money in the “school improvement programs” area, what would you target? What about state innovation?