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Free State mock election includes detailed policy and innovative attack ads


I just got back from a mock presidential debate at Free State High School. Seniors Hannah Kapp-Klote and Kenny Myers, students in Bobby Nichols' Advanced Placement politics course, are going head-to-head, vying to be Free State's mock president. Kapp-Klote is the State Party candidate; Myers is the Free Party candidate.The campaign kicked off last week, [with students forming platforms, researching policy and creating political action committees.][1] A debate was held today, and on Tuesday students will go to the polls to select Kapp-Klote or Myers.It's the third year AP politics students have run these campaigns, and from the spirited and detailed performance put on in today's debate, it's clear the students are diving right into it.Kapp-Klote garnered an endorsement from Rep. Dennis Moore, after he visited the class.The campaigns even have their own press secretaries, who created Facebook pages, inviting the entire Free State community to learn about the candidates. (I'm still searching for these in the vast morass of Facebook.)But what's a presidential campaign without a little propaganda?Myers said his opponents' supporters Photoshopped his face on a terrorist's body. Kapp-Klote said she laughed when she saw a poster that said, "I'm Hannah Kapp-Klote, and I approved this mess."The Myers camp has taken their campaign viral, putting this ad on YouTube:It's an impressive way to use the technology and resources available to them, while learning important lessons about democracy. [1]: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2008/oct...


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