Free State election concludes with many lessons learned

Front pages across the world blared “Obama” yesterday, following Barack Obama’s historic victory in the U.S. presidential race.Lost in the din of the historic moment was the mock election results at Free State High School. Students in Bobby Nichols’ AP Politics course conducted the campaign for several weeks, picking three key issues as the basis of their campaigns. They gave stump speeches and debated. Their press secretaries worked to disseminate their messages; they even produced attack ads.And now, the results are in (drumroll, please):Kenny Myers, the State Party’s nominee, defeated Hannah Kapp-Klote, the Free Party’s nominee. It was a resounding victory for Myers, who garnered 51 percent of the vote, compared with Kapp-Klote’s 40 percent.This was the third year in a row Free State had a mock election, and, given the circumstances of having an actual presidential eleciton, the project had more weight than in years past. Both candidates said they learned about how much work and effort goes into a campaign, from identifying key issues to finding flaws in their opponents’ plans.There were also several write-in votes. Senior Hannah Lodwick received two write-ins; Nichols said she was competing as a third-party candidate.