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Free State candidates make final push


With only one day to go until the polls open (and close), the candidates are making their final pushes to connect with voters. [And at Free State High School, the mock campaign continues.][1]Andrew Schoneweis, a senior in Bobby Nichols' AP Politics course, [sent me this video propping up mock candidate Kenny Myers' positions on the environment.][2]The production value is quite good, and darn it if I'm not leaning toward the Free Party at this point. But, hey, there's still time to make a decision. Especially while State Party candidate Hannah Kapp-Klote is using YouTube to sway voters:Lastly, here's two more clever, biting attack ads from Kapp-Klote's supporters. Politics, even in high school, can be quite vicious. [1]: http://www2.ljworld.com/blogs/schoolhouse_talk/2008/oct/31/freestate_pres/ [2]: http://www.firebirdproductions.org/freeparty.htm/


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