The Newest Love Doctor: 9-year-old Alec Greven

I’ve decided that a 9-year-old boy has the best love advice I’ve ever heard. His name is Alec Greven and you might have seen him on the Ellen Degeneres Show or CNN. His first book, “How To Talk to Girls,” is a pop sensation.Of course, I went out and bought a copy to read over lunch. Forty-six pages of pure brilliance. Now, as a single 20-something, boys that I would date seem to have some issues with girls. Yes, it’s true. And my mother says they don’t get any better. (And she’s always right. ) I didn’t seem to have many problems finding boys in middle school and high school, but in the adult world, it’s not easy. Especially when you’re picky and won’t settle (another lesson learned from Mom).But this Alec kid has it figured out. It’s easy, guys. Really. If an elementary student can do it, so can you.I just finished the book and here are some highlights I’d like to point out as your average female:• Girls win most arguments and have most of the power. (Duh.) • Go for just one girl to avoid jealousy issues. (Some boys have a problem with this one.)• Girls don’t like desperate boys. • Girls always like the smart boys. (I based my college pick on all the smart boys that would be there!)• Notes are risky because of potential interception and embarrassment. • Comb your hair and don’t wear sweats. (This is NOT a hard rule, but there are some boys who are just too rebellious to follow it. Is it that hard? Really?)Alec also goes on to mention that unless you’re “kind of old” — like 15 or 16 — you shouldn’t try to date a girl seriously. Just hang out with her.All I have to say is, boys, guys, men, whatever age you are: Go buy this book. Best. Advice. You’ll. Ever. Get.And check the ‘Lil Casanova in action below.