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Recap: March Madness strikes Kansas in round of 32

Asher Fusco

Games like this are why we love basketball, why March is mad and why our country freezes for three weeks to take note. Eight out of 10 times, Kansas defeats Northern Iowa. The Jayhawks were faster, more talented and more athletic. KU's basketball budget topped Northern Iowa's by sixfold. But ...

Recap: 16-over-1? Not on Morris' watch

Asher Fusco

For a good portion of one half, Kansas fans had an ounce of reason to worry that perhaps the Patriot League, the NCAA Tournament, KU and Oklahoma City just don't mix. Once KU grabbed the lead, however, Lehigh did not have defense enough to keep the game within striking distance. ...

The Field of 65: An easy draw for Duke

Asher Fusco

As you've probably ascertained by now, the South Region has earned general consensus as the weakest section of the 2010 bracket. On the strength of a 12-1 end to its season, Duke is a solid No. 1 seed. After the Blue Devils, each of the next few teams has a ...

The Field of 65: Cousins rules the East, but West Virginia should be favored

Asher Fusco

If you're reading this, you've somehow mis-steered your Interwebs into the third of four preliminary Field of 65 blogs. But don't turn back! Information lies ahead: For all the uproar about Kansas' difficult route to the Final Four, Kentucky has it just as bad. The East Region of the 2010 ...

The Field of 65: Wildcats, Cougars and Orange, Oh My!

Asher Fusco

Welcome to the second of four preliminary Field of 65 blogs. This is not meant to be a predictor, but a primer. Trust me, you don't want to take prediction advice from me. What do you want to see from Going Into Overtime this postseason? Do these previews have any ...

The Field of 65: The rough-and-tumble Midwest

Asher Fusco

Welcome to the first of four preliminary entries in The Field of 65. This is not meant to be a predictor, but a primer. Trust me, you don't want to take prediction advice from me. Today, the Midwest Region: Kansas University's region is not only the toughest of the four, ...

Recap: Title game a foul affair for 'Cats

Asher Fusco

This blog spent more than a few words yesterday talking about how Kansas' depth and supreme talent level made it OK for forward Marcus Morris to sit out with foul trouble. That may have been true, but having the big guy around on Saturday didn't hurt KU. Marcus Morris scored ...

Recap: Kansas overwhelms A&M with sheer talent

Asher Fusco

Kansas forward Marcus Morris found himself in foul trouble and his teammates managed to stay within striking distance of Texas A&M. Texas A&M guard Donald Sloan ran into foul problems as well, but his teammates couldn't stem KU's second-half tide. The difference in KU's 79-66 victory against Texas A&M on ...

Recap: Kansas unsteady but decent vs. Tech

Asher Fusco

Kansas has won games on the strength of its guard play, its shooting and its defense multiple times this season. Thursday, the Jayhawks won because of their size and talent around the basket. Look no further than StatSheet's breakdown of the game to see how completely KU bigs Cole Aldrich ...

Recap: Everything in its right place for KU heading into postseason

Asher Fusco

Kansas and Missouri played a game Saturday full of runs, scoring spurts and streaky shooting. Each team controlled the game for minutes at a time and the whole affair felt a bit jarring. In the end, however, KU ended up with a 77-56 victory atop an unsurprising box score. • ...

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