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Sleepy Sunday Morning

Mike Frizzell

It was a slow early Sunday morning in Lawrence. The nightly noise complaints, disturbances and barking dog complaints were among a few of the calls LPD responded on. Just before 2 a.m. Lawrence Officers were called to the 1200 Block of Oread Avenue on a report of a large physical ...

A busy early morning in Lawrence

Mike Frizzell

Lawrence and KU Police both had a busy night on their hands tonight. I started listening just after 9 p.m. At that time is was the normal for Lawrence, early on a Friday night. That changed drastically after midnight. Just before 12:45 this morning Lawrence Police received a call of ...

LPD with Extensive Bar Checks Overnight

Mike Frizzell

Lawrence Police paid a visit to a handful of Bar's late Thursday night and into the early morning hours of Friday. Several report numbers were taken by Officers during these checks. No arrests were made that I am aware of. Police responded on the nightly noise complaints and a couple ...

Pretty quiet in Lawrence overnight.

Mike Frizzell

Another fairly quiet and normal night in Douglas County. Police were called to the normal noise complaints across the city, a smell of marijuana complaint on the KU Campus and a few intrusion alarms that all ended up being false alarms. Just before 2:30 this morning, Lawrence Police responded to ...

Welcome to the Blog

Mike Frizzell

What is Operation 100 News? [An Introduction to Operation 100 News][1] The blog you are viewing now will provide a basic wrap up of events that occurred overnight in Lawrence and throughout Douglas County. I monitor Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical, University of Kansas Police, Lawrence Police and the Douglas County ...


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