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Finally Friday

Mike Frizzell

A pretty quiet morning in Lawrence. Police responded on a few burglaries, disturbances, noise complaints and car stops. Just after 1 a.m. Police made a DUI arrest in the 600 block of Vermont Street. The vehicle was stopped by a LPD Officer on routine patrols when he spotted the vehicle ...

Thursday, May 19

Mike Frizzell

After a busy Wednesday morning with the fatal accident south of Lawrence on Highway 59 and the 2 alarm house fire on Maple in Lawrence, Thursday morning was back to quiet. Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical was called to the 1600 block of Cadet Avenue just after 11 p.m. last night. ...

Fatality Accident & 2 Alarm Fully Involved Structure Fire

Mike Frizzell

The majority of the night was another quiet one. Police responded on a few disturbances and assisted a woman that thought she was hearing someone messing with her front door. There was no at the door when Police arrived. A few noise complaints and traffic stops. Just about 5:50 a.m. ...

Tuesday, May 17

Mike Frizzell

Another almost abnormally quiet overnight in Lawrence. The call volume is way down over the last two nights. Must be due to Finals week. To find something that is at least a little bit unusual, I had to go clear back to just after 10 p.m. Lawrence Police took information ...

Monday, May 16

Mike Frizzell

A very quiet overnight in Lawrence this morning. The overnight hours consisted of the usual calls that Police are called to every morning. Noise complaints, traffic stops. Police also responded on a non injury accident in the 2500 block of West 6th Street. Other then that it was a very ...

Power outage in part of Lawrence this morning.

Mike Frizzell

As of 6 a.m. Lawrence Fire Department's Station 1 at 746 Kentucky Street reported a power outage at their station. Westar has been contacted and states that they are aware of a "large outage in the area". The sudden loss of power resulted in two alarms sounding up and down ...

Saturday, May 14

Mike Frizzell

Lawrence Police responded to the 1900 block of W 26th Street last night. Just after 11 p.m. Police received several calls reporting the sound of gunshots in the area. It was unclear if any suspects were apprehended, police did write a report on the incident. LPD performed several car stops, ...

Friday the 13th.

Mike Frizzell

Fairly normal in Lawrence overnight, even for a Friday the 13th. Police did not respond on much that was out of the ordinary last night. There were countless noise complaints all over the city. At least two complaints were called in twice due to music being turned up again after ...

Thursday, May 12

Mike Frizzell

Yet another pretty quiet overnight throughout Lawrence. The night started off during the storm knocking out power to residents and businesses along US Highway 56 between the city of Edgerton in Johnson County to Baldwin City in Douglas County. The highway was also closed for several hours while crews worked ...

Wednesday, May 11

Mike Frizzell

A very calm and pretty peaceful overnight in Lawrence this morning. Police only responded to one disturbance call between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. For anyone that has been following this blog or listening to a scanner, this is a very rare occurrence. As someone who listens every night, it ...

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