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June 9th Overnight Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Mike Frizzell

A pretty routine overnight for Lawrence Police. A DUI arrest was made just before 3 a.m. The male driver was stopped for after being spotted driving erratically. He was subsequently tested and determined to be intoxicated. About 3:20 a.m. Lawrence Police received multiple reports on 911 from callers advising that ...

June 8 overnight activity and traffic info

Mike Frizzell

Lawrence Police responded on a non injury accident at 10:10 p.m. last night in the 3000 block of Iowa. Sounded like one driver was cited as a result of the accident. Police stopped and subsequently arrested a driver for DUI in the 900 block of Connecticut just before 4 a.m. ...

Tuesday, June 7

Mike Frizzell

Not an overly busy night for Police in Lawrence last night but it was more active then most Tuesday mornings. Not many details were given over the radios but, Lawrence received information regarding two separate sex crimes. Both were at different addresses and were dispatched about ten minutes apart. Due ...

Monday, June 6

Mike Frizzell

A pretty normal Sunday night in Douglas County overnight. Nothing out of the ordinary to report after 10 p.m. Mostly routine, every night calls of noise complaints, disturbances, car stops and a few alarms mixed in. Just as I was starting to listen last night, about 9:55 p.m. Lawrence Police ...

Shots fired into a crowd and a 100 MPH car chase

Mike Frizzell

Like the title says, it was a wild early morning in Lawrence. The night started as pretty routine, a few noise complaints. One of which included Police being called back a second time after the Police left and the "noisy group" figured out who called them in and then made ...

Saturday, June 4

Mike Frizzell

A surprisingly quiet overnight for a summer Saturday morning. Police responded on a few burglary alarms, the normal noise complaints and disturbance calls. Just before midnight police responded on a non injury accident in the 1000 block of N 3rd Street. LPD responded to the 2900 block of Alabama on ...

Friday, June 3

Mike Frizzell

An early start last night. A water main break just east of the intersection of 23rd Street and Wakarusa Drive resulted in one of the eastbound lanes being blocked just before 9 p.m. Police cleared that scene just before 11 p.m. A fairly routine night started after the water main ...

Thursday, June 2

Mike Frizzell

All was quiet in Douglas County again last night. Lawrence Police responded to the 1600 block of Kentucky Street around 12:30 a.m. for a non injury accident. LPD also received information on possible drug activity in the 2200 block of W 26th Street around 1:30 a.m. Other then these two ...

Wednesday, June 1

Mike Frizzell

Back to another quiet overnight in Douglas County. Police responded on a non injury accident in the 4700 block of Overland Drive shortly after 11 p.m. There was quite a few car stops made overnight, both suspicious vehicle checks and for traffic enforcement reasons. LPD received information on an Alcohol ...

Tuesday, May 31

Mike Frizzell

A little bit more activity overnight. Nothing to out of the ordinary for Lawrence. The night started off at 10:30 p.m. with a truck vs a concrete pillar off of the roadway. Police and Fire/Medical responded to westbound Clinton Parkway near the K-10 bypass. The driver advised Police that he ...

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