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5 arrests this morning in Douglas County; 3 for DWI/OUI related offenses.


Here is a look at some of the calls that Lawrence Police responded on this morning.

  • 5 Disturbance/Battery reports
  • 4 Car stops
  • 2 Noise complaints
  • 1 Trespassing complaint
  • 1 Indecent exposure complaint
  • 1 Criminal damage report

Most of this morning's disturbances were on the smaller side, two or three people fighting/arguing. The one exception to this came at an address that Lawrence Police are beginning to become familiar with lately. They were called around 1:20 a.m. to an apartment in the 3300 block of W 8th Street, following reports of an argument that was possibly escalating into a fight. A total of six units were eventually attached to the call. Officers spoke to the involved parties and after checking everyone involved for warrants, returned to service from the call without making any arrests. No injuries were reported. This same address and apartment number have been the location for at least two previous calls, in recent memory during my listening hours.

Aside from the three DWI/OUI related arrests, there were two other arrests. The first involved a domestic disturbance with one of the involved now facing charges of domestic battery and violation of a protective order. The second arrest involved a theft in the 1300 block of Tennessee Street. That suspect now faces charges of theft and interference with the duties of an officer.

None of this morning's activity was reported to have involved any serious injuries.

Some of the activity blogged above was reported as it was unfolding by Operation 100 News. Learn how to receive breaking news updates here. For a full look at incidents from Douglas and Johnson counties this morning, take a look at the Operation 100 News twitter feed using the link above.

The activity blogged here is only a sampling of some of the things that Douglas County Law Enforcement and Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical respond on. To see a complete list of Lawrence Police activity, the department has that available on their website along with several easy to use maps that show approximate locations for Police activity.

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Randall Barnes 4 years, 10 months ago

i guess 3 out of 100+ is better than none.

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