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September 23rd Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up


At 2:33, Lawrence Police were called to the 500 block of W 12th Street after a driver reported striking a parked vehicle. Police arrived and eventually determined the driver to be intoxicated. The male driver was arrested on charges of Careless Driving and OUI.

At 4:16, Police were called to an address in the 1800 block of Indiana Street after a caller reported someone attempting to enter the address through a backdoor. The suspect was only described as being dressed in dark clothing. That person was last seen on northbound on foot, about five minutes earlier. About two minutes later, an officer checking the area reported a male in all black on a bicycle in the 1900 block of Louisiana Street. It was unclear if the man on the bicycle had anything to do with the Indiana Street call or was unrelated.

Lawrence Police responded on a total of four disturbance calls this morning. None were reported to have involved the use of any weapons. Officers on scene of one disturbance did request a supervisor to respond to the scene at 4:34. A man could be heard yelling in the background of the radio transmission, other then that it was unclear the reason a supervisor was requested to the scene.

None of this morning's activity was reported to have involved any serious injuries.

The activity blogged here is only a sampling of some of the things that Douglas County Law Enforcement and Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical respond on. To see a complete list of Lawrence Police activity, the department has that available on their website along with several easy to use maps that show approximate locations for Police activity.

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socnick 5 years, 5 months ago

Another Lawrence burglary spree has been happening in that neighborhood. Stay vigilant in that 18th and Indiana area. Don't hesitate to call the police immediately when something looks or sounds suspicious in the early morning hours of the weekend, especially very early on Sunday morning. These particular burglars have been in that neighborhood multiple times, each time it seems to be early Sunday morning between 3:30am and 7:00am after a Saturday night. They may make a lot of noise before entering a house to ascertain whether the homeowner is present. Stay alert in that area!

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