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January 11th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up


Around 12:30 a.m., Lawrence Police were called to the Emergency Room at Lawrence Memorial Hospital after a male subject reportedly "struck" a Nurse. Officers were familiar with the subject as they had been on a medical emergency with the same man before midnight. The man was transported from the medical emergency call by LDCFM. He was taken into Police custody following the battery of the Nurse.

While out at LMH Officers also found the bloodied victim of a disturbance that reportedly occurred in the 1100 block of Mississippi. The seriousness of the man's injuries is unknown. Police responded back to Mississippi address where the man was battered. No arrests were made at that time.

Police responded on several more disturbance calls throughout Lawrence. No serious injuries were reported with any of those incidents.

Just after 2:30 a.m., Police were called to investigate the recent theft of a vehicle. Police had information regarding the stolen vehicle released and shared with other law enforcement agencies. Not sure exactly how it came about but about an hour later, Police in Ottawa recovered the vehicle. It was unclear if Ottawa Police made any arrests related to the recovery of the vehicle.

At 4:31 a.m., KUPD was called to the area of Fraser Hall for a possible non injury accident. The caller reported that there was a vehicle partially off of the roadway with "fresh accident damage." Police responded and found an intoxicated subject sitting in the vehicle and damage to a nearby pole. That subject was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

No serious injuries were reported with any of this morning's activity.

The activity blogged here is only a sampling of some of the things that Douglas County Law Enforcement and Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical respond on. To see a complete list of Lawrence Police activity, the department has that available on their website along with several easy to use maps that show approximate locations for Police activity.

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