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Thursday, May 5


Well this 'Cinco de Mayo' Thursday was another normal quiet morning. I am sure tonight will be a much different story. Heres hoping everyone stays safe out there tonight.

As for this morning, Lawrence Police responded on the routine, every night calls, nothing out of the ordinary or of any major significance.

More animal complaints this morning. Seems to be a growing trend to call in your neighbor's barking dog or the wild animal that is exploring the trash cans and dumpsters. Not really anything LPD can do about most of these things and takes officers off of the street.

Police also responded on a few disturbances, all only involving 2-3 people, no big bar brawls or anything like that.

All in all, no serious injuries from any activity throughout the city and another calm night for Police and Fire/Medical.

If you already have or maybe you haven't yet, check out this link to my Introduction to Operation 100 News page. It was just updated this morning.

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Chelsea Kapfer 6 years, 9 months ago

It is amazing that people will call the police for a squirrel in the attic, leaking pipes, smell of marijuana....I even read a blog by a 911 operator who wrote that someone called 911 to ask how long to cook a baked potato.

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