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Wednesday, May 11


A very calm and pretty peaceful overnight in Lawrence this morning. Police only responded to one disturbance call between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. For anyone that has been following this blog or listening to a scanner, this is a very rare occurrence. As someone who listens every night, it is a very welcome change.

The majority of the night consisted of traffic stops and suspicious vehicle checks throughout the city of Lawrence. Police did respond on a very minor injury accident right at 11:30 p.m. The person involved refused to have an ambulance respond to the scene. Due to the injuries being so very minor, an ambulance did not respond.

There were a couple of noise complaints but, again fewer then normal for Lawrence.

LPD did assist Douglas County Sheriff Deputies in locating a woman that was calling family members and threatening to harm herself by crashing her vehicle into a lake. After a fairly extensive search in the area of several Lawrence area lakes and the Kansas river, Police located the woman in her home with her vehicle running in the garage. She was alert and conscious when LPD was let into the house by a family member. The woman was transported to the hospital by a Douglas County Sheriff Deputy. The Deputy requested assistance from LPD at the hospital due to the woman becoming combative in the back of the patrol car. Lawrence Fire also responded to check and ventilate the house.

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