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June 21st Overnight Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up


Another night with thunderstorms causing some late evening trouble for Douglas County. The storm did not end up being as severe as it was predicted to be. Douglas County Emergency Management did have trained weather spotters deployed throughout the county and most of them were reporting conditions that fall below severe criteria. A few reports of brief wind gusts around 45 miles per hour and some minor tree damage reported in rural parts of the county.

In Lawrence the weather caused trouble for a number of drivers. Police responded on numerous non injury accidents. One of which was near 23rd Street and Learnard Avenue shortly after 9:30 p.m. Police reported a jeep left the roadway and struck a tree. This caused a limb from the tree to fall and block the westbound lane of 23rd Street.

There were also non injury accidents reported in the 3000 block of Louisiana, the 1000 block of Haskell Avenue and the area of Inverness Drive and Clinton Parkway. The accident on Clinton Parkway also involved a vehicle partially leaving the roadway and this time striking a light pole. That vehicle was then struck by a second vehicle. In all of this the light pole fell and blocked an eastbound lane of Clinton Parkway for a time.

Once the weather calmed back down, so did the Police activity. The rest of the overnight hours were mainly the every morning calls and activity. A few minor disturbances, alarms and car stops. No serious injuries were reported with any of the overnight activity.

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