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LPD with Extensive Bar Checks Overnight


Lawrence Police paid a visit to a handful of Bar's late Thursday night and into the early morning hours of Friday. Several report numbers were taken by Officers during these checks. No arrests were made that I am aware of.

Police responded on the nightly noise complaints and a couple of drug related complaints. A report number was taken by the Officers on one of the drug related complaints.

Just after 2 a.m. Lawrence Officers responded to reports of 2 males subject beating on another male in the 600 Block of New Hampshire. At least 4 Officers responded on the call. No report number was taken. Officers did make contact with several subjects.

Just before 5:30 a.m. Officers responded to the 4200 Block of Briarwood on reports of a vehicle "lodged on a median". Officers investigated it as a non-injury accident.

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Tim Quest 7 years ago

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DillonBarnes 7 years ago

You fail to clarify that Robbery and Rape are "second priority" issues. You seem to have a vendetta against the 21 year old drinking age.

I don't think the Lawrence Polices' priority is any different from another college town. Why blame the local police chief for nation trends of alcohol laws?

Liberty275 7 years ago

"You seem to have a vendetta against the 21 year old drinking age. "

I know I do. If you are old enough to die fighting a war in Afghanistan, you are old enough to drink alcohol. Period.

somedude20 7 years ago

I rarely agree with you but on this subject I do 100%. I thought it was crazy when I was in the Corps under 21 and could not drink but my "baby" hands were allowed to pull the trigger during war to take anothers life. WTF

Food_for_Thought 7 years ago

According to stats, DUI arrests have climbed every year for the last few years. How would you call that being made a "secondary" priority?

DillonBarnes 7 years ago

Being against the state's age limit on alcohol consumption is one thing, it's a very valid point. But how can you use that to accuse the local police of not doing their job.

January to September last year, LPD cited 795 thefts of value less than $1000. They only cited a single theft of $100,000 or more. Therefore, the police of Lawrence don't care about theft as long as it is over a certain dollar amount.

You can't just put two numbers up next to each other and use that as proof.

jhawkinsf 7 years ago

The problem with letting 20 year olds drink in a bar (either legally or by simply not enforcing the law) is that then the 19 year olds will want to drink. They too can serve in the military, so why not let the 19 year olds drink, but wait, what about 18 year olds?
When I grew up, 18 year olds could drink 3.2 beer and 21 year olds could go to private clubs. Why the change? Because deaths on highways went way up. It was mandated by the federal government with the threat of loss of highway funds.

Victor Dawson 7 years ago

You are an idiot if you really think your statement is true!

footnote2 7 years ago

Three police cars were at 315 Oklahoma St between 8 and 9 p.m on Thursday. From a distance it looked like a number of arrests may have been made in front of the house. Wonder what that was all about.

greenworld 7 years ago

Saw 3 cops at 400am in the morning while I was driving to work driving over the N lawrence bridge doing like 60-80mph high tailing it somewhere. None of them had their lights or sirens on however which I thought was kind of odd. Interesting. maybe the N Lawrence home owners complained about the noise of sirens so they no longer run them late at night. Just a guess. Dont know if it was something domestic or just another call to the old La's. I know on alot of domestic calls they quit running sirens for certain reasons.

gatekeeper 7 years ago

Oh yes, we residents of N. Lawrence can get the police to do anything we want. Like sirens will disturb us - we listen to train whistles at night.

Kontum1972 7 years ago

mb a city ordinance....or they just like sneaking up on them....

Food_for_Thought 7 years ago

Operation 100 News -

You kinda overlooked the domestic disturbance in the 1900 block of W 26th St @ 5:00am, which according to LPD's website, took 5 patrol cars...and if I'm reading Douglas County Jail's booking info on their website correctly, shows rape, battery, and a slew of other charges...not newsworthy?

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