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What is Operation 100 News? An Introduction to Operation 100 News

The blog you are viewing now will provide a basic wrap up of events that occurred overnight in Lawrence and throughout Douglas County. I monitor Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical, University of Kansas Police, Lawrence Police and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. Updates will be made every morning around 6 a.m.

Last night was a pretty tame one. There were the usual calls for service to Police including suspicious persons and vehicles, loud music complaints and disturbances with no weapons involved.

There was one event that stood out as unusual to me. Started out like any other routine call that Lawrence Police seem to receive a number of every night, burglary. Most of them seem to usually turn out to only be the wind, a pet or roommate in the house that the resident forgot about. Tonights call was a little different.

The call to Lawrence Police came out just before 3:30 a.m. to an address on Haskell Avenue. The caller reported that he believed there was someone in his home that did not belong there. Dispatchers called for officers to respond, shortly there after the dispatchers told officers that the caller had in fact found someone inside his house and they were now struggling with each other. Officers upgraded their response and arrived to find the unknown subject and the resident still struggling just inside the house. No injuries were reported and the unknown subject left in the back of Lawrence Police car.

This is basically what I have planned for this page every morning. Some mornings posts will be a little longer then others. Just depends on how much action there was overnight.

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