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Unbearably quiet Tuesday morning


This morning was by far one of the quietest in recent memory. Every night I have six scanners running, this morning I found myself checking to make sure they were all still turned on and scanning. They were, it was just that quiet.

Police did respond on a few calls, nothing very newsworthy however. Just after 10:30 p.m. a woman called Police to the 3300 block of Glacier Drive. The woman said her pet rabbit had broken loose and made its way into her neighbors backyard. She did not want to wake the neighbors to retrieve the rabbit and did not want to chance spooking the neighbors if they were to see her in their backyard. So, she called Police. The rabbit was retrieved and as far as I could tell the neighbors had no idea any of this happened.

An officer on routine patrols found a subject in the 3600 block of east 25th Street found and arrested a subject found to be in possession of drugs, shortly after midnight.

The rest of the morning consisted of the normal overnight calls; noise complaints, suspicious pedestrian checks and suspicious vehicle checks. Nothing too exciting.

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Paula Kissinger 7 years ago

Unbearably quiet ? You would prefer fatality accidents, house fires and homicides ?

H_Lecter 7 years ago

You seem to imply that these are bad? They sure do draw the masses to prime time. Personally, I prefer not to be a watcher...

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