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Angry Sunday Morning


Apparently there was a little anger and aggression in the air this morning. Police responded on numerous complaints of disturbances, threats, criminal damage, trespassing and even a road rage call. Thankfully nothing anger related seemed to result in any injuries.

Police also responded to several accidents. Non injury in the 500 block of Massachusetts Street just after 10:15 p.m. Another non injury in the 100 block of Indian Avenue just before 2 a.m. An injury accident in the 1800 block of Iowa shortly after 2 a.m. no injuries were life threatening. The last of which was another Injury accident in the 2200 Block of Massachusetts, before 5 a.m. Again no one with life threatening injuries.

There were the usual noise complaints and barking dog complaints. Police even made a stop by the 1600 Block of Haskell again checking for "things in the air".

All in all nothing very out of the ordinary.

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Robert Rauktis 3 years ago

"Thankfully nothing anger related seemed to result in any injuries."

A tentative "seemed" dilutes the conviction of the reporting. How about ..."Thankfully the anger resulted in no known injuries"?

Might; possibly; could be; maybe: modern journalism in its finest certainty.


muttonchops 3 years ago

Perhaps I haven't been frequenting this place enough, but what is he referring to with "Police even made a stop by the 1600 Block of Haskell again checking for "things in the air"."


RoeDapple 3 years ago

Fighting over cardboard under the bridge?


tange 3 years ago

You can't miss it. They string bras door-to-door, annually.


true_patriot 3 years ago

Johnny's is second street, wouldn't it be on the bridge over the river? Have never heard of a 500 block of Mass before ...



blindrabbit, it is behind Johnny's...


blindrabbit 3 years ago

Trying to envision the 500 Block of Mass.; the South end of the bridge, City Hall, the flower beds or maybe the big Shanunga glacier boulder!!


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