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Sleepy Sunday Morning


It was a slow early Sunday morning in Lawrence. The nightly noise complaints, disturbances and barking dog complaints were among a few of the calls LPD responded on.

Just before 2 a.m. Lawrence Officers were called to the 1200 Block of Oread Avenue on a report of a large physical disturbance. The caller reported at least 30 subject fighting with staff. Police arrived and while interviewing several of the subjects involved, one witness noticed the subject that is believed to have started the disturbance leaving in a vehicle. Lawrence Police and KU Police caught up with that vehicle in the 1300 Block of Jayhawk Boulevard. That subject was found to have a warrant for his arrest out of another Kansas county and he was taken into custody.

LPD also was called to the same address twice for a loud party in the 1100 Block of west 11th Street. It was unclear if both calls originated from the same calling party or different callers. Police did respond twice and apparently the second time was the charm.

Lawrence Fire responded to an automatic fire alarm on the KU Campus at Jayhawker Towers, Tower D. Did not hear what they were cooking this morning but it is the exact same room number that was trying to cook a pizza last weekend which also set off the fire alarm and resulted in the entire building being evacuated because of smoke. No injuries were reported and it was unclear if crews evacuated the entire building or not.

Another warm and windy day ahead for Douglas County. The National Weather Service in Topeka has placed much of Kansas under a Red Flag Warning. All burning should be avoided as conditions are right for rapidly spreading and difficult to control fires.

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Steve Jacob 7 years ago

Nice to know even "upscale" bars have fights too.

sad_lawrencian 7 years ago

As with many LJW articles that appear on the front page of this website (in the same area as state government headlines and actual local news), we have to stop and ask ourselves: is this item NEWS, or is this an item some guy in his bathrobe and slippers published on his MacBook Pro? The great weakness of this website and this news organization is that we don't know.....

Nathan Anderson 7 years ago

It's a blog, not an article. If you want to read the LJW sans blogs, buy the paper.

horseshoehalo1 7 years ago

Don't read it if you don't like it, and certainly don't take time out of day to comment. I actually quite enjoy the recap.

Chelsea Kapfer 7 years ago

I am still here. I have had to drop my commitment to LJW due to some craziness in my life. I took a little break, but my blog is still going. Thanks a lot for asking!

stellamaris 7 years ago

quite unless you live on 7th and someone almost killed your family and you spend all night wondering why she is not in jail

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