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Cliff's Notes version: Mark Mangino press conference, 9/8/09

Jesse Newell

Here is the Cliff's Notes version of Kansas football coach Mark Mangino's comments at his short press conference today. The full audio is posted here. • Players of the game, voted by the coaching staff: Offensive, Jake Sharp; Defensive: Chris Harris; Special teams: Jacob Branstetter; Offensive scout team: OL Tom ...

KU coaches made right call by keeping Briscoe at kick returner

Jesse Newell

I've heard a lot of concern lately about the KU coaching staff's decision to leave Dezmon Briscoe as the kickoff returner. By putting Briscoe on special teams, the Jayhawks are exposing him to more hits and perhaps increasing his chances of getting injured. After looking at some statistics, though, ...

Cliff Notes version: Mark Mangino press conference, 9/1/09

Jesse Newell

Much like we did on Media Day, here are the Cliff Notes version of Kansas football coach Mark Mangino's comments at his weekly press conference today. Full audio of the press conference can be found here. • KU is still working to get the right players in the right spots. ...

Jayhawk Flashback: Oklahoma, 10/4/97

Jesse Newell

*[Ed. Note: This is a blog post from four years ago, but I figured it was relevant this week because this shows video of the last Kansas University football victory over Oklahoma on Oct. 4, 1997. What follows is the exact wording from my blog post on Aug. 28, 2009.]* ...

KU football practice report: Aug. 26

Jesse Newell

Open practice No. 2 was Wednesday, and it's probably the last time we'll be able to see the Jayhawks on the field before their Sept. 5 season-opener against Northern Colorado. Let's get right to the depth charts from what I saw. Here was the depth chart from Aug. 11 if ...

Fourth-down myths and trying to bust them

Jesse Newell

I've always been one that hates when a team rushes the ball on fourth-and-1 or fourth-and-2. Is there any worse feeling than seeing a running back get stuffed at the line and immediately thinking, "A pass would have gotten the touchdown easily"? Well, my friends, let me be the first ...

Jayhawk Flashback: Iowa State, 11/26/05

Jesse Newell

While the search continues for the elusive 1995 Colorado tape, here is a game that was probably just as significant and even more dramatic: KU vs. Iowa State on Nov. 26, 2005. If you remember, both teams had a lot to play for. ISU just needed to beat KU to ...

Jayhawk Flashback: Colorado, 10/28/06

Jesse Newell

I noticed that we received one comment on last week’s Jayhawk Flashback YouTube video. This was from the user jfalbe06: “next flashback should be the cu game where we pulled reesing redshirt.” Sounds like a plan to me. This week’s flashback takes us back three years to the game that ...

Mark Mangino on Media Day: Cliff Notes version

Jesse Newell

For anyone who's interested, we have posted the full audio of KU football coach Mark Mangino's press conference at media day. For anyone who is in a hurry, here's a Cliff Notes version of what Mangino had to say. • The linebacking position still needs a lot of work and ...

KU football practice report: Aug. 11

Jesse Newell

Just got back from the KU football team's practice on campus. Here are some of the notes I took down. • First, let's start with the depth chart from what I saw. First-team offense Left tackle — Tanner Hawkinson Left guard — Carl Wilson Center — Jeremiah Hatch Right ...

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