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Cliff’s Notes: Charlie Weis press conference, 10/2/12


Here is the Cliff's Notes version from Kansas football coach Charlie Weis' comments at his press conference today.

Not many changes to this week's depth chart.

Full audio has been posted.

Weis says it's important for the players to know that there's something to play for when you play your in-state rival. The goal is to have the governor come congratulate you in your locker room after the game.

Weis says it's tough for him to say anything negative about KSU coach Bill Snyder. He says he's a great offensive mind and a "helluva" coach. If you're not sound fundamentally on defense, he will expose you.

In a time when most teams either throw it around all the time or run mostly the read-option, Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein is unique. He is a power runner. If you don't stop him, you don't have much of a chance. He's physical. He's tough. He runs big.

KSU has no glaring weakness. This is a team that plays sound fundamentally on both sides of the football that feeds off your mistakes. The Wildcats are tough up front as well. K-State is going to smash it down your throat, and you'd better be ready for it.

It's good for KU to have two weeks to prepare for a team like this. All offseason, KU prepares for spread-like offenses. This is like playing one of the academy schools because it's an offense unlike what KU normally sees.

KU's players hit each other in practices on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week. Weis did that because he believes his team has to play more physical football. It also needs to play tougher late. Weis also took the red jerseys off the quarterbacks in practice, meaning they were full contact as well.

During the extra time last week, Weis evaluated each player on Kansas State to help with the scouting report for his players. Usually, he doesn't have the extra time to do that for each player.

Weis said "absolutely" when asked if his team had a chance to win Saturday. You can't go to a game, saying, "We're 1-3, and they're 4-0. Let's try to keep it close. The fanbase will be happy." Weis said he'd rather lose 100-0.

Weis says Kansas State is a good role model. KSU is doing a lot of things right. That would be a good place to get to.

• Weis said his team is going to continue to take a bunch of junior-college players. Juco players is one reason KSU's recruiting classes sometimes appear to be ranked lower. Those ratings are high-school ratings. The guys in juco want to go somewhere where they can play against good competition and can play now. KU plays against good competition. There's a great opportunity there for juco players at KU.

Weis said KU quarterback Dayne Crist's head is a lot better now than it was at 8:15 p.m. last night when he chatted with Weis. Crist wasn't down, but part of Weis' job is to let him know where the team is. All he has to worry about is putting KU in the best position to beat K-State. He can't think about the past. He has to think about the present.

• Weis said it's important for his players to know that the coaches aren't blaming the players for early losses. The players are not going to get over the hump if they think the coaches aren't in their corner. As long as everyone keeps battling together, the switch will flip at some point.

KU's assistants were on the road Thursday through Saturday of last week recruiting. The assistants then had Sunday off.

Scrimmaging in practice last week gave guys the chance to be "the guy." For example, it gave Mike Cummings a chance to be the starting quarterback in a practice, even though he's the backup behind Crist. It gave guys the opportunity to have the feel like it's next year when some other players will be graduated.

Against K-State's defense, the most critical factor is taking care of the football. The second-most important factor is being prepared to nickel-and-dime K-State's defense all game, because it doesn't usually give up big plays.

Weis says he also used the bye week to self-scout. For example, KU has been poor offensively on third downs this year. Weis thinks he has a better understanding of why now after film study.

Quarterback Turner Baty will get more time as scout team QB this week, as he's more of a dual-threat quarterback like Klein than KU quarterback Jake Heaps is.

Weis says he shouldn't have to be Ronald Reagan and give a "Win one for the Gipper" speech this week for the KSU game. The motivation for winning should be obvious.

Every once in a while in sports there's an opportunity for both the coach and university to win. To Weis, that's what Bill Self's contact extension was. Self is one of the best coaches in America in any sport. To set up a situation where everyone is content ... Weis thinks that's a great thing.


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