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Daily links: Notre Dame still making significant payments to Charlie Weis; KU to be featured on ESPN's 30 for 30


A few links in case you missed them ...

The Chicago Tribune examined some federal tax documents and found that, during the 2010-11 school year, Notre Dame paid former coach and current Kansas coach Charlie Weis $2,054,744.

Weis was fired by Notre Dame in November 2009.

Perhaps the most startling part about that number is how high it was in comparison to other Notre Dame coaches. Current football coach Brian Kelly made $2,424,301 during the 2010-11 school year, while men's basketball coach Mike Brey earned $1,311,843 — just over half of what Weis made while he wasn't even with the school.

According to the article, Weis' is scheduled to receive buyout payments from Notre Dame through December 2015, though the amounts could be reduced in the future.

Speaking of Weis, he talked last week to the Hutchinson News' Lucas Fahrer about learning from two mistakes he made at Notre Dame.

I also enjoyed this quote in the article, as Weis was talking about his evaluation of KU before accepting the head-coaching position: "I didn't spend any time before I took this job looking at their players. I looked at who they were but when you're 2-10, what're you going to look for? A bunch of silver linings?"

It looks like KU becoming home for James Naismith's original rules of basketball will be featured on ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series this year, as a trailer for the new season was released on ESPN.

Josh Swade has been working on this project for a couple years now. Here's a video preview of the project from his vimeo site.

A really good read for college basketball fans here by SI.com's Luke Winn, who examined the different ways that teams are guarding three-point shots.

Winn explains it well in the article, but recent analysis by Ken Pomeroy could change the way the game is coached and played in the future. Though teams find success many different ways defending three-pointers, Pomeroy has found evidence that he defense has little control on whether three-point shots go in. What the defense can control more certainly is the number of three-pointers an opposing team attempts.

This becomes especially important for teams that are favorites in the NCAA Tournament. For favorites to maximize their chances of winning, they should want to minimize the opponents' three-point attempts, which basically are a high-risk, high-reward strategy.

The perfect example of this was the 2010-11 VCU team, which didn't apologize for jacking up tons of three-pointers while riding the hot-shooting wave to the Final Four.

If you look back, KU probably received a favorable draw on its way to the championship game this year. KU, which allowed an average number of three-point attempts to opponents, faced only one team in the tournament that shot an above-average number of three-pointers.

That team was Purdue. And for more than a half, it sure looked like a three-point shooting underdog was going to send the Jayhawks to an early exit.

Our own Matt Tait tweeted this a couple days ago, but in case you missed it, former KU linebacker Steven Johnson received the Denver Broncos' highest signing bonus for an undrafted rookie, as he picked up a $12,000 signing bonus, according to the Denver Post.

That doesn't guarantee Johnson will make the team, but the fact that Denver gave him that much probably doesn't hurt his chances of making the roster, either.

If he does latch on with the Broncos and get an official paycheck, I can't help but wonder if some of the money will go back to Steven Sr. and Suburban Hair Company in Upper Darby, Pa.

And finally, this video has been floating around the Internet for the last day or so, but if you haven't seen it, comedian Rob Riggle, who will host the upcoming ESPY awards, shows KU a lot of love in this video.

There's also a funny moment toward the end where Riggle — who was raised in Overland Park and graduated from KU — blames his assistant for the Jayhawks' loss to Kentucky in the NCAA championship game. Definitely worth a look.


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