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Cliff's Notes: Sheahon Zenger press conference, 1/3/11


Here is the Cliff's Notes version of new Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger's introductory press conference today.

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Full video will be posted later. • Zenger starts by saying he's humbled and honored to be joining KU.

Zenger said his parents surprised him and showed up at the press conference. "That's how you know you're home."

Zenger's first memories of life are basketball games at Allen Fieldhouse and football games at Memorial Stadium. Growing up, he always picked No. 10 for former KU player Bobby Douglass. He also had a class picture taken in a Gale Sayers jersey.

Tearfully, Zenger says there's a special place in the middle of Illinois— Illinois State University. He says he stands on the people's shoulders from there.

Some athletic directors dream of other colleges. Zenger dreams of KU.

• Zenger says there is no place equal to Allen Fieldhouse in the nation.

Zenger has fond memories at Kansas State during those chapters of his life. He now welcomes the healthy competition between the two schools.

Everything you do in an athletic department is about people skills. He'll take his time getting to know the people in the athletic department.

Zenger joked that he'd only tell coach Turner Gill nine or 10 plays per game. Seriously, he said he would be hands-off when it came to X's and O's.

Zenger said his decision to accept the KU position took about 10 seconds. He wants to be here. KU's footprint throughout the nation is huge.

Zenger has a plan that is broken down into three 30-day segments. The first 30 days is getting to know coaches and student-athletes. Throughout all three 30-day segments, he will attempt to get to know donors.

Zenger said he will use private planes on occasion, but also said he has no problems getting behind the steering wheel of a car to get places.

Zenger felt very comfortable with all the discussions he had with KU and the contract he signed.

When it comes to possible realignment, Kansas just needs to continue being Kansas.

Zenger on KU basketball: "We're going to keep it where it's at."

Zenger says he's met football coach Turner Gill and said that he's a good man.

Zenger says the fact that he was chosen after Tulsa athletic director Bubba Cunningham turned down the job makes it a little sweeter right now. Zenger says the KU search committee chair Ray Evans called him after that. Zenger says that nobody has ever given him anything. His father taught him resilience. With the tortoise and the hare, Zenger doesn't mind being the tortoise.


Bob Hiller 7 years, 5 months ago

Welcome back to Lawrence, Sheahon; Go Hawks !!

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