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Video and quotes from Turner Gill's introduction at Liberty University


Former Kansas coach Turner Gill was introduced as the Liberty Flames' eighth head coach on Thursday, and video of the press conference is below, starting with Gill's speech at the 5:15 mark. Gill was welcomed with a standing ovation.

I've pulled out a few interesting quotes from him, along with the synced-up video clips below in case you want to watch Gill speak yourself.

"It will be our mission to this program to build championships through Christ by preparing young men academically, athletically and spiritually. It is a great time to be a Liberty Flame*, and it is time to leap forward to have an unparalleled future."

* — Just as an aside, Gill's first words at his introductory press conference at KU were, "It's a great day to be a Jayhawk." Just thought that was interesting.

"There will be some people from the staff there at the University of Kansas. So I want to take my time just a little bit more to get that all right, because that's going to be very, very important."

"I want guys to be able to be physical. I want them to be mentally tough, and we'll put them through that process where they'll have a great situation when they get in the ballgame, that it's going to be actually less stressful on them in a game than it is in practice."

At the 10:52 mark, Gill goes back to phrases that KU fans should be accustomed to, saying Liberty will run a "multiple" offense while also striving to run the ball at least 55 percent of the time. He also says Liberty will primarily run a 4-3 defense — a change from KU's base 3-4 last season.


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