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Cliff's Notes: Turner Gill press conference, 9/14/10


Here is the Cliff's Notes version of Kansas football coach Turner Gill's comments at his weekly press conference today.

If you want to get live updates from each week's press conference, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@kusports). Also, check out the latest depth chart, which has James Sims listed as the new starter at running back. Full audio has been posted.

Gill started his press conference by thanking the fans and especially the students that attended the Georgia Tech game.

Gill's keys to the game: 1. Play with tenacity; 2. Win the special teams; 3. Have more big plays that Southern Miss; 4. Win the penalty battle.

Tight end is A.J. Steward out 3-4 weeks with shoulder injury. Angus Quigley is questionable with an injury as well.

Gill saw his players much more relaxed last week against Georgia Tech. You never know how people are going to respond until you play a game.

Gill doesn't read the newspapers or Internet stories about his team, because he's focused on his own job. Last week, he didn't let the loss or athletic director Lew Perkins' resignation affect him. Gill says win, lose or draw, he's going to be the same guy.

Kale Pick's playing time will be determined on a game-by-game basis.

Gill says Pick deserved to start Game One. Gill says he wasn't the same guy in the first game as coaches saw in practices, though. The coaches still believe Pick is a good football player.

Gill believed Jordan Webb's demeanor in the first game was better than Kale Pick's. Gill believes Webb commanded the team well against Georgia Tech as well. Webb's teammates responded well to him.

Running back Brandon Bourbon will make the trip, but the plan is that Deshaun Sands will get additional carries if Quigley cannot play.

The coaching staff is trying to get defensive lineman Kevin Young to use his hands better. Gill says he's coming along.


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