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Links: Favorite in Big 12 North depends on whom you ask


Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska have now played four non-conference games each. The question still remains, though. Who is the favorite in the Big 12 North?

Here are some links from folks sharing their thoughts on what they've seen so far in the Big 12 North and how they believe the division will play out.

• The Lincoln Journal Star's Steve Sipple: "Above all, the 25th-ranked Huskers showed they should be considered the clear-cut favorites to finish first in the Big 12 North. Yes, clear-cut. Let's make that distinction now."

• ESPN's Tim Griffin: "Still thinking that Kansas is just a tad better than the Cornhuskers, but a case could be made for either of those teams (to win the Big 12 North) or Missouri."

• The (University of Missouri) Maneater's Matt Gerstner: "There is no Big 12 North team that looks BCS-worthy right now. Hell, they don't look Cotton Bowl-worthy."

• The University Daily Kansan's Tim Dwyer: " ... if (the Jayhawks) start to defend the pass, they have a legitimate shot at running the table — only Texas and Oklahoma are ranked above the Jayhawks and left on the schedule."

• Denverjhawk on Rock Chalk Talk: "One thing is for certain whoever does come out of the North will have earned it. In reality Kansas is going to need some help. Even if Kansas takes care of business in the North they might need someone to go into Lincoln or Columbia and get a win when it isn't expected."

• J.D. Schaller of Bleacher Report: "The fact of the matter is that over the past three games against semi-quality teams, KU's offense and defense never seem to be clicking at the same time, or in any consistent sort of fashion at all, really."

• Peter Fleischer of Bleacher Report: "I have to pick the Cornhuskers if I’m going to bet on a team to win the North. I could easily see Missouri or Kansas sliding in and filling the role of champ, but Nebraska just looks too good."

• And, last but not least, Phil Steele has updated his predictions for the college football season based on results of games each week. The updated predictions have KU going 2-6 in the Big 12 North, with its only wins coming against Iowa State and Kansas State. By the way, his computer projection also has Kansas and Colorado both losing in their game on Oct. 17.


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