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The new world of college football recruiting ...


What if I told you that ESPN interviewed me last week to become a permanent member of the TV show Around the Horn? Would you think of me as a better journalist? OK, so the previous scenario did not happen. But something like it is happening in football recruiting across the country.And I'm not talking about faraway places. I'm talking about right here in the state of Kansas.KU signees Riley Spencer (from Hesston) and Huldon Tharp (from Mulvane) both were highlighted in a recruiting story in Tuesday's New York Times.Both hired Brian Butler as their recruiting adviser, a position that makes him the boys' trainer and manager (Bryce Brown, the nation's No. 1 recruit, out of Wichita, also has hired Butler).According to the article, Spencer and Tharp didn't receive much interest from Division I schools until they started working out with Butler.Shortly after, though, Butler claimed that Miami was looking at both of them. Whether that was true or not is open to interpretation, depending on whom you believe in the article.Once word spread that such a prestigious school would consider the two Kansans, their stock skyrocketed. Eventually, both chose KU, and they will be a part of the 24-man signing class announced today.It raises some questions about the whole process, though. I can't blame Tharp or Spencer for wanting to get their names out. They did what they had to do to get Division I offers. In Tuesday's Spodcasters episode, Jon Kirby of JayhawkSlant.com said he left impressed after watching Spencer in camps.This line from the Times article stuck out to me most, though.Asked if Butler told him that he was going to tell people that he had a Miami scholarship offer that did not technically exist, Tharp said, “Yeah.”I guess it leaves a whole lot of questions to be answered.Is a boom in recruiting advisers good for college football? Or is it good for the game to have someone like Butler create buzz for a high school athlete by perhaps stretching the truth about that kid's offers?I would tell you my opinion, but I've got a phone call to take. I guess Yahoo! Sports just heard that I might be listening to offers from ESPN ...


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