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How high could KU go?


If No. 15 Kansas can defeat No. 8 Missouri on Sunday at Allen Fieldhouse, it will be in place for a huge jump in the rankings.

Assuming the Jayhawks beat the Tigers, half of the teams in front of the Jayhawks in the ESPN/USA Today rankings will have lost this week. Take a look:

No. 1 Pittsburgh — Loss at Providence.
No. 3 Oklahoma — Loss vs. No. 15 Kansas.
No. 8 Missouri Potential loss at No. 15 Kansas.
No. 10 Marquette — Loss vs. No. 2 UConn.
No. 11 Arizona State — Loss at No. 21 Washington.
No. 12 Villanova — Loss vs. Georgetown.
No. 13 Clemson — Losses vs. Virginia Tech, at No. 25 Florida State.
— Again, we're assuming a KU victory over Missouri on Sunday.

Some ranked teams still have to play later tonight or on Sunday.

Also keep in mind that, if KU beats MU, it will come off a week in which it beat two top-eight opponents, including No. 3 Oklahoma on the road. That might be enough to boost KU even higher in the rankings.

So how high will the Jayhawks jump if they can beat the Tigers? I'd say even a conservative prediction would have KU as next week's No. 10.


areyouserious 9 years, 3 months ago

10??............if KU beats fizzou, their RPI will be in the top 5 (currently 8th after OU win), They will likely jump to 7th or 8th in the polls

castarke 9 years, 3 months ago

I concur. 7th or 8th seems about right. Definitely not 10th.

Paul Brozik 9 years, 3 months ago

definitely no higher than 10. no way voters jump them over mich st and wake forest. they lost to mich st head to head.

davidsmom 9 years, 3 months ago

Can somebody please tell me where everybody (KU, MU, K-State, OK) stands in the Big 12 if KU loses today?

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