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Mark Mangino on Media Day: Cliff Notes version


For anyone who's interested, we have posted the full audio of KU football coach Mark Mangino's press conference at media day.

For anyone who is in a hurry, here's a Cliff Notes version of what Mangino had to say.

• The linebacking position still needs a lot of work and still needs a lot of attention. Some of the young guys are putting heat on the veterans.

• One or two of the freshmen receivers will probably be in the rotation this fall.

• The team has a chance to be really good and deep at the running-back position.

• The Jayhawks will have more than five quality offensive linemen.

• Defensive lineman Duane Zlatnik has made lots of improvement, and Mangino is hoping that he will be in the rotation to help the team.

• On linebacker Angus Quigley: “His growth at that position has not been nearly as fast as I’d like for it to be.”

• On the switch to offensive tackle for Darius Parish: “Darius had offensive line written all over him from Day 1.”

Mangino said the team didn't have the defensive line depth to move Parish to O-line last year, but the coach thinks Parish has found a home at offensive tackle.

• On junior-college linebacker Vernon Brooks: “I can’t tell you what impact, if any at all, that he’ll have.” Brooks left camp today to attend to a family emergency, and the coach said he didn't know when the linebacker would be back.

• Junior-college defensive end Quintin Woods is not just a pass-rush guy, but he can also be a good run-stopper, too. He still needs to get stronger, though.

• The coach said that his teams needed to take the next step and win against the OUs, UTs and Texas Techs of the world. “I didn’t come here to be 6-5, 7-4 every year, and everybody just think that’s good.”

• KU's base defensive set is 4-3 (not a 4-2-5), but the team has modified its nickel package.

• On freshman linebacker Huldon Tharp: “He’s going to be out there playing. He has been impressive as a freshman. I think it’s a matter of time before he wins a job. I think we’re just counting the days.”

• Junior linebacker Drew Dudley has done nice things and is improved.

• Linebacker Justin Springer has not gotten a lot of work because of injuries, and the coach can’t tell what he will be able to contribute this year.

• Offensive lineman Ben Lueken had medical considerations, but ultimately decided to leave the program because he wanted a fresh start.

• On punt returns: Daymond Patterson has looked good, Bradley McDougald also will get a chance.

• Dezmon Briscoe will probably do kickoff returns. The coach wants to keep Dez healthy, but if he’s best guy at the position, the team will need him there.

• Cornerback Anthony Davis is much improved and is understanding his position better. He's right there battling for a starting position, and there's a good chance he’ll be one of the starting corners.

• Junior-college running back Daniel Porter has a good attitude and is super serious. He's quick, has good speed, and the coach doesn’t think he will struggle with the transition from junior-college to a Division-I tempo.


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