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Newell Post: Open Football Practice No. 1


4:03 p.m.As promised, here are the audio interviews for [Mark Mangino,][1] [Maxwell Onyegbule][2] and [A.J. Steward.][3]I noticed you guys added some questions about the practice at the bottom of the story. The team didn't scrimmage for too long at the end, but I'll do my best to answer to those questions:¢ Kevin Romary of 6Sports told me he was watching the offensive line specifically, and that Ian Wolfe and Jeremiah Hatch were the ones getting the first-team snaps at tackle, with Jeff Spikes also getting in the mix for the first string. He said, for now at least, the No. 1 tackle spots look to be a competition between those three.¢ Kendrick Harper was out of town because of a funeral. Mangino mentions it in the [interview][4] we have posted. Also, No. 28 was in fact Daymond Patterson, who was listed on the roster as No. 83. He did impress, and he's also is in the mix to help the Jayhawks in the punt return game.¢ Nothing really to report with the linebackers. Joe Mortensen didn't seem to miss a beat coming off his knee surgery.¢ Mangino didn't rip anyone a new one, but he came close with Jocques Crawford. After Crawford's fumble, Mangino took a few steps his way, but then backed off. I think Crawford was saved by the fact that Friday's practice had children in the stands.1:22 p.m.The Kansas University football team opened its practice to both fans and the media Friday morning at Memorial Stadium. Here are a few observations from seeing the guys for the first time on the field.¢ As expected, Jocques Crawford has moved his way up and now is getting snaps with the first-team offense. He was pretty impressive, too. At 6-foot-1, 230 pounds, his body type looks similar to that of Brandon McAnderson, though he looks to be more of a combo back with both speed and toughness. He fumbled once, but other than that showed some good jukes in open space. He also displayed good hands out of the backfield, making textbook catches on screen passes and balls in the flat.¢ Todd Reesing was good - really good. He had no hesitation in picking a target while dropping back, and nearly every throw was on the money. He looks like he could play a game on Saturday. It was obviously encouraging for the 200 or so fans that made it to see him in such good form.¢ Kerry Meier didn't look as comfortable while he was in there. He showed some indecisiveness when picking a receiver and often wasn't able to set his feet when throwing. I'm sure his comfort level will increase as practice goes along.¢ Though coach Mark Mangino hinted at a punter competition at Tuesday's media day, Alonso Rojas handled every punt except for one that I saw on Friday. It appears to be his job to lose.¢ Converted quarterback A.J. Steward looks like a natural at the tight end position with his athleticism and size. A few highlights from the scrimmage at the end of practice:¢ Darrell Stuckey showed good hands, picking off a Reesing pass after Steward tipped it up. Stuckey would have taken it all the way back for a touchdown had the coaches' whistles not stopped him. It was a tough-luck interception for Reesing, as his throw was in a good spot and would have been caught easily if Steward hadn't slipped out of his break.¢ Reesing's best connection was with Dezmon Briscoe, as the two hooked up on a pair of long passing plays. The first was a 50-yard touchdown pass caught in stride, and the second was a 70-plus yard gain that Reesing threw from the end zone after starting the play on the 1-yard-line. ¢ Defensive end Russell Brorsen had one of the best defensive plays, bursting through the line and knocking down a Reesing pass. He might have intercepted it if he hadn't been so close to Reesing when he jumped up to bat the pass down. [1]: http://www2.kusports.com/audioclips/4062/ [2]: http://www2.kusports.com/audioclips/4063/ [3]: http://www2.kusports.com/audioclips/4064/ [4]: http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/audio/2008/08/08/mangino.mp3


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